Friday, April 11, 2014

Increased Mulmun Activity

Imperial Zoological Scouts report high levels of unrest among Mulmun mutant species throughout Calypso. The cause of the mutant frenzy is currently uncertain, though some IZS xenobiologists are speculating off the record that it may be somehow related to recent increased robot activity on the planet.

Colonists with militia duties are requested to report to the following locations to assist in protecting civilian settlements:
  • Port Atlantis - Mulmun Outcasts (LVL 14, Shared Loot)
  • Cape Corinth - Mulmun Outcasts-Bandits (LVL 14-17, Shared Loot)
  • Fort Ithaca - Mulmun Guards-Raiders (LVL 20-23)
  • Minopolis - Mulmun Berserkers-Hunters (LVL 25-30)
  • Chug's Hideout - Mulmun Hunters-Champions (LVL 30-35, Shared Loot)
  • Osere - Mulmun Champions-Clan Warlords (LVL 35-39, Shared Loot)
  • Boreas - Mulmun Clan Warlords-Elites (LVL 39-75)
  • Nymphtown - Mulmun Elites (LVL 75+)

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