Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Social Interface Preview

The promise and they deliver:

Over the last several months, MindArk’s design and development teams have put lots of effort into developing a new unified social interface to improve the communication and social features of Entropia Universe. Some of the top features the new social interface offers include offline messaging, item linking, and custom chat channels.

See below for an overview of the new social interface features that will be implemented in the forthcoming partner release, scheduled for Tuesday, March 18. (Please note that this is a quick overview of the new social interface and does not cover all of the new features and functionality that are planned to be released, or that will be added in future releases).

Guess whos avatar is on the picture. Little hint below:

Message Center
The new Message Center component is where all of your messages and conversations with other avatars are stored, as well as various system messages. The filter buttons along the top of the Message Center allow you to control the types of message displayed in the main content section. The Message Center can be collapsed to edge of the screen at anytime, and will display a small counter to indicate the number of unview items.

The new mail interface is accessible from the Message Center. In it you will be able to send messages to multiple recipients as well as to offline avatars. Like many popular modern mail interfaces, it will also display longer message exchanges in a single conversation thread.

The Friends List is now known as Contacts and includes all of the former functionality as well as several exciting new features. For example, you can now set your availability status, such as available, busy, or do not disturb. You can also add a note with information about yourself that other avatars can see, and view more detailed information about avatars in your Contacts list. Like the Message Center, the Contacts module can be minimized to the edge of the screen.

The chat interface has been entirely reworked, with many new features added. The chat module now supports multiple tabs and the ability to create private or public custom chat channels. You can also configure each custom chat tab to only display the information you wish to see in that tab, such as society chat, global messages, system messages, private chat conversations and more. The chat interface now also supports linking of items in messages to other avatars.

All chat tabs can either be docked in the main Chat module, or dragged out individually and placed anywhere on the screen.

Finally, a new default Rookie channel has been implemented which will serve as a place where new arrivals to Entropia Universe can seek help and advice from more experienced participants.

HOF Ticker
Located above the Chat module, the new HOF ticker scrolls through the latest large loots, Hall of Fame and Discovery messages. The same information is also available in the Message Center if you wish to take a closer look at recent events that appear here.

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