Thursday, March 6, 2014

Lemmys’ Army Back from Hell!

A Volcanic Eruption originating in the Depths of Hell, has created a new Volcano and opened a Portal for Hellspawn to pass through. Rumors are swirling of Motorhead Security rebuilding Lemmy’s Castle Brick by Brick and a also Stadium to house the Private Beer Garden of the Motorhead Royalty

legions of Vampires have been spotted too, it is suspected they may be trying to rebuild their cathedral, but at this point it is uncertain where that might be.

Some of Lemmy’s Warparty may have had their Beer Spiked with Bath Salts, they are raging for blood, we must subdue them this weekend…

ROCKtropia wants nothing more than return of the Metal GOD, but we must keep the Planet in balance as best we can..

Those who are with us, stay away from Zomhattan. Rumors of ZOMBIE KONG in residence are also spreading…

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