Sunday, March 16, 2014

MECHs not possible

Our policy is to not talk about certain private development issues. That said it seems that this is ok seeing as an official MA member has spoken on it.

Yes indeed Mechs have been put behind some other systems but this was at our request. There are older systems that we feel should come out before ours as we do not feel ours should take preference over classic systems such as taming and other that are now fixed and out.

We proposed our system before our soft launch and after a while it seems that it was not possible with current setup of vehicles. As for possible workaround solutions, we did and still are indeed exploring other options including

Using an armor set up that hides the character, though this limited our functionality.

Using mechs with no legs, and we have these ready to go but we are not allowed to just release new vehicles without a specific purpose in mind into the economy of EU. And since this would have no special feature to them other than look, it would not fly (pun intended).

Making the mechs Hub specific, so that they do not need to follow the rest of EU balance rules, and this seems to be the road we may take seeing as there seems to be a longer wait. Of course this would be for a Hard Launch Release along with other details and Ideas we have for these legless Mech vehicles.

Also, Mechs as Mobs are indeed possible, and we have one already known as the Centurion, and the Fenris. Both are powered by a person inside (you can see for yourself if you are next to Zorra and her Fenris).

The Mob control is very new to us and we found out at same time as you. We had explored this option in the past as as well with another team at MA, but they were not the team that had final say, that said it will be interesting how this can be used and implmented.

Thing is I did not know what Kim was up too exactly. I don't follow the other Planets much with my schedule being very tight as it is. Back when we proposed the system Kim was in fact working with the team we proposed the system too, which explains his insight into the issue. If he is now strictly with Calypso than I see no reason not to believe him and my statement was just lacking information is all on his current position. That said, if he sees it fit to talk about such things, we see no reason not to as well. We try and have as much appropriate information available, yet reserve the right to keep things private when needed under various circumstances.

You hit the nail on the head George and as usual you seem to have a good head for these things. We have indeed looked at "Traditional Mechs" that land but move with flight. An old example would be the arcade game Virtual On by Sega I belive. There are many others of course but its not out of the realm of possibilities for now.

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