Saturday, March 22, 2014

Are Arkadia Underground Deeds a good INVESTMENT

I like my CLD and the return they bring (current 20% is not the promised 30% but i still like them)
To anyone wanting to invest in Deeds in general i will make a small comparison and maybe prediction.

Where is the money coming from?
CLD - They give you 25% / 60,000 of global Calypso planet partner profit (which is based on decay and such)
AULD - Give you 5% / 200,000 of Arkadia Underground Loot that people get.

Discussion: No matter where the players of Calypso play and what they do they always generate cash for the CLD revenue stream. AULD benefits from all planets players that are actively engaged on the Underground Area (hunting mining shopping .. i don't know if crafting i don't think crafting is taxed.)

How much can we expect to earn?
CLD pay out and this is tested .. lets say an average of 3.84 ped per deed each week .. (sometimes its more sometimes less ... lets average to 20% ROI) .. that means if you invested 1000 ped in 1 deed after 5 years 5*52*3.84 you will see your cash back.
Now if you would like to buy CLD's now at a price ~1350 per deed they will still pay out 3.84 .. since we can't travel back in time (we should calculate at the current price) if you buy now your ROI is about 14.79% .. you get your ped back in 6 years and 9 months

To make AUG a sound investment:
they would have to pay out the same or better as CLD .. so 3.84 ped for each 1350 ped invested each deed would have to pay out 0.1422 ped (.. for this to happen the Land area would have tax the players 0.1422 * 200,000 = 28,440 ped)
So the total loot paid out would have to be 568,800 PED/week

Of course you can speculate the price of these will go up .. but how high will it rise? I think it depends only on how well they will do with pay outs...

To put things in perspective I got some data from Entropia Life: this page shows mining and hunting for the whole planet for the last 30 days ... today its 2,266,381 ped to make this into a weekly value 2266381/30*7 = 528,822 PED

528,822 This is for the WHOLE planet of Arkadia and its less than the required 568,800 for the underground to generate...

Of course Entropia Life does not take into account all the loot that is not Global or Hofed .. lets assume it amounts to double the initial value .. Arkadia is 9x bigger than the Underground .. but then the underground offers a FOMA/HELL type mining experience..

The question is will it be enough?
Or is it better to keep investing in CLD?

Please share your opinion .. I haven't made up my mind yet on this subject.

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