Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Planet Calypso Content Release 2013.3


Cape Corinth
The Cape Corinth area has received a major graphics and content overhaul, this is the first stage in a long term project to improve all areas on Eudoria. The following list is a summary of what has been done.

  • Terrain and textures have been redesigned in order to create a more diverse and immersive landscape.
  • Performance has been significantly improved.
  • Resources have been redistributed to follow geological formations, adding more realism to the mining profession.
  • New creature spawners have been added, including some intense grinding areas for many popular creatures.
  • Added a lot of new points of interest, including a Maffoid Village .
  • The various estate villages have been redesigned with lots more character to them.
  • New wave spawner - The Warchief’s Sanctuary
  • New wave spawner - Typhon’s Reach
  • Re-designed wave spawner - Hadesheim Assault
  • Corinth cities and outposts have been completely redesigned.
  • New participants can now begin their life on Calypso in the Half Moon Bay outpost.
  • Lots of wonderful new music created especially to fit Corinth’s new aesthetics.


  • Daily Missions - Five new daily mission groups, three for hunting and one each for crafting and mining. You can pick up a random mission from each group once every 16 hours from Daily Mission Terminals found in Cape Corinth, Port Atlantis and Twin Peaks.
  • Daily Tokens - These new tokens can be obtained by completing the new daily missions, and can be used to purchase non-tradable items from the Daily Token Trader NPCs located in various cities. Token broker item prices, stock and availablility are subject to change at any time.
  • Combat Tokens - In addition to being offered as rewards for completing regular missions these new tokens are meant to replace the old Mission Token items, and can also be found as loot on certain shared-loot and boss creatures. The old Mission Tokens can be converted into the new Calypso Combat Tokens by interacting with the Mission Token Converter NPC in Cape Corinth. Token broker item prices, stock and availablility are subject to change at any time.
  • New Iron Challenge Mission Chain - Oculus . Mission NPC: Servion at 32974, 37913
  • New Iron Challenge Mission Chain - Gokibusagi. Mission NPC: Professor Elon Surs at 68308, 79038
  • New Iron Challenge Mission Chain - Hispidus. Mission NPC: Gerard at 74216, 85845
  • New Iron Challenge Mission Chain - Maffoid. Mission NPC: Josh Erland at 61740, 88037
  • New Iron Challenge Mission Chain - Feffox. Mission NPC: Major Joseph Edwards at 75565, 92635. Large Feffox herds have been reported in northeastern Eudoria.
  • New Mining Challenges - Mineral Resources: Lysterium, Belkar, Blausariam, Iron, Zinc, Narcanisum, Frigulite, Cumbriz ,Copper, Caldorite, Pyrite. Visit a Mining Guild representative in Port Atlantis, Cape Corinth or Twin Peaks to register for these rewarding new missions.


  • The Aurli bosses in the cave on Crystal Palace no longer spawn automatically when a server is restarted.
  • Increased the view distance of the oil rig.
  • Missions that formerly awarded mission tokens now award Combat Tokens.
  • The Wanted: Bloodclaw (Daily) mission now offers 6 combat tokens as reward.
  • Updated the attack animations for the Kingfisher and Allophyl creatures.
  • Updated the graphics of the following creature classes: Combibo, Cornundacauda, Cornundos, Jamraider, Kingfisher, Sabakuma, Snablesnot Female, Snablesnot Male, Turp
  • Removed the former Mission Token trader NPCs from Fort Victoria, Ringhorne and Chug’s Hideout.
  • Increased the maximum stack size of Berycled and Caudatergus trophies.
  • Iron Daikiba Challenge - Daikiba Cubs now have a 50% chance of increasing the mission point counter by one point.
  • Iron Challenge: Harbinger. Mission Broker Colonel Sam Garcon has been moved to 60470, 85213
  • Iron Challenge: Eviscerator and Longtooth. Mission Broker Fritz Feldgast has been moved to 61719, 88012
  • Removed the Atrax Stalker spawn from the field north of Camp Icarus.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed several broken exploration achievements in the Corinth area.
  • Fixed the land area controls on Vermillion Fields.
  • Fixed an issue that caused doors in Cyclops Depths to open and close improperly.
  • Iron Challenge: Mind Reaver Stage VI - Skill rewards are now accurately reflected in dialogue choices.
  • RX OpTac x1 Thigh Guards (F) now have the correct protection values.

Known Issues

  • Several previously discovered teleporters may not appear in the map locations list. These teleporters will need to be rediscovered in order to use them.

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