Thursday, April 18, 2013

New ROCKTROPIA Weapon Blueprints Needed urgently

Mesage from Rocktropia:
We know its tough to find the Blueprints much needed to inspire local manufacturing on ROCKtropia. So we are offering a Special Reward for anyone who Discovers a New ROCKTROPIA Weapon BP, between April 18th and May 18th 2013..

A Piece of Limited Special OPs Armor… Only two per Avatar can be won.

You will be given a choice of Male or Female Armor and your choice of Part, subject to availability… The sooner you make a Discovery the More likely you are to get the piece of Armor of your choice…

Please Post a Screenshot of your Discovery in the dedicated thread on RT Forum.. Dated no later than may 18th

Good luck in your Crafting!

Any necessary clarifications of rules for this event will be posted in the Forum. All rules will be subject to adjustment to provide the fairest possible event.

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