Sunday, April 21, 2013

Damage, Speed and Range of MindForce Chips

Great guide from Nighthawk:

Which profession is required for which chip:
Electro Kinetic = Electric and Kinetic
Cryogenic = Cryogenic and Lacerating
Pyro Kinetic = Combustive and Corrosive

What this shows:
The differences in balance between damage, attack speed and range for the six different types of Mindforce combat chips.

Stats taken from Attack Nanochip IV (L)s. However, the balance between those stats remain largely intact for all levels of (L) Nanochips.

To clearly present the difference between different combat chip types for people trying to get into the Mindforce profession.

For example; Combustive chip is slow but has high damage and range, while a Corrosive chip is fast but has low damage and range.

D = Damage (per hit).
S = Speed (uses per minute).
R = Range (in meters).

Each gauge goes from 0 to 100.

I hope this may save any mentor or newbie helper some time from explaining the difference to their disciples, as well as assist new players trying to find information about this (please also tell me if there is some info that should be added/altered to further clarify).

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