Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Entropia Universe 14.1 Release Notes


  • A new on-screen mission tracker interface has been implemented, which is automatically displayed when a mission is tracked in the quest log.
  • A new option is available in the team interface to specify the share of loot that can be earned through healing members of the team.
  • The maximum TT value of make-up masks has been reduced to 30 PED. Existing masks with values above 30 PED have retained their current value.
  • The interface for turning in items to quest NPCs has been improved.
  • Hair, face and body selections in the avatar creation interface have been limited to basic options. More advanced options must be performed by hair stylists and body sculptors.
  • Helpful tooltips have been added to the avatar creation interface.
  • Mindforce Attack Chips can now gain tier levels.
  • Weapons no longer decay or consume ammunition when attacking a dead creature.
  • Weapons fired in PVP areas once again decay and consume ammunition.
  • The item information panel for armor parts now display the actual and maximum protection values, to reflect the lower protection offered by items below maximum condition.
  • The condition limit for all items has been set to 3%, with the exception of make-up masks & participant content screens, which have been lowered from 90% to 10%.


  • Various garment issues have been corrected.
  • Miss and evade messages now display correctly when attacking a creature.
  • The damage of area of effect weapons has been corrected to prevent exceeding a weapon’s maximum damage when damaging multiple targets.
  • The yellow mission target indicator has been made more visible to facilitate tracking of quest objectives.
  • An issue causing avatars to twitch in the avatar creation interface has been corrected.
  • Only creatures spawned on a land area will contribute points to events hosted on the land area.
  • When constructing items while using residue, residue from multiple stacks will be used to bring the constructed item to maximum condition.


  • Fog is not shown correctly in certain situations.
  • Some blueprint and blueprint book names are displaying incorrectly.

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