Monday, October 15, 2012

What improved loot system means

May be the most important word in Entropia Universe is "LOOT". And when MindArk introduced Loot System Improvements everyone was asking what is the meaning of this? Is the loot return % better now? Or is it something else?

Few days later Kim from MindArk made it little more clear:
"We haven't made any changes to the actual loot system in this VU. What we have started doing is re-designing the loot lists so that each mob should drop less generic TT-food and more interesting stuff. This process is in no way finished and will continue in the upcoming VU:s as well."

I didn't see improvement in the loot of the mobs I am usually hunting so far. Feffoids, Maffoids, Atrox, Atrax, Argonauts seems to give the same loot. While Puny mobs seem to drop a lot of pistols, rifles, weapon amps and rocket launcher. Not sure if this is only from the last VU, but it seems that it is possible to make profit hunting Puny mobs. I must track some Puny hunt to see if it's true.

After some players asked if the loot actually got worst because they get lower return now, Kim from MindArk had to clarify even more:
"I can confirm that no changes have been made to the loot system, intended or otherwise, in the latest VU. I also have some information regarding the 0.0 ammo loots that you've been receiving. That ammo does in fact come from an additional loot-list layer that was added on top of the regular loots to fill up the last few pecs that sometimes remain to be added after higher value items have been added to the loot."

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