Thursday, October 4, 2012

Version Update 12.8 Preview

The following is a quick overview of the changes that are planned to be implemented in Version Update 12.8, scheduled for Tuesday, October 9th. MindArk and the Planet Partners are very excited about this release, which brings many long-awaited features and improvements, as well as a boatload of new content to devour!

Avatar System Upgrade Preparation
As part of the preparation for the upgrade to the avatar system scheduled for November, the make-up mask system will be disabled in Version Update 12.8.

Loot System Improvements
The first phase of a comprehensive overhaul of the loots for all shared platform and Calypso creatures will be implemented. This overhaul will result in much more interesting and balanced loots for creatures of every level. Many newly designed items are included in this Version Update, waiting to be discovered. The loot system improvement project will continue during the next several releases, and has been designed to greatly improve the overall hunting experience for participants of all levels.

Crafting System Improvements
A completely new and improved user interface for crafting will be implemented in Version Update 12.8, which will dramatically streamline the process of constructing items. The new interface automatically scans the avatar inventory and storage for blueprints, resources and materials, allowing items to be constructed without the need for dragging input materials into the crafting machine. Other exciting features of this new interface include the ability to sell crafted items directly to the Trade Terminal, setting automated thresholds for the use of residue, along with a detailed log of each crafting run. Handy quick access to auction buy and sell orders are also included, for cases where required input materials are missing.

Mission Rebalancing
Rebalanced mission rewards will be implemented across all planets. In addition, a new Attribute Token system gives partners the ability to award fractional attribute rewards for easier missions, and also allows participants to decide when to apply earned attribute rewards to their avatar.

Planet Partner Content
Tons of exciting new content from each of Entropia Universe’s Planet Partners is also included in this release. Please refer to each Planet Partner’s official website for sneak peeks and full details in their Planet Partner release notes.

NOTE: Final testing and integration may result in the Version Update being delayed, or in some or all of the changes detailed in this announcement being modified, or even postponed until a later Version Update. Participants are encouraged to consult the Version Update Release Notes on the day of release for a full detailed listing of changes that have been implemented.

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