Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Planet calypso content release 2012.5



Loot System Improvements

The first phase of a comprehensive overhaul of the loots for all shared platform and Calypso creatures will be implemented. This overhaul will result in much more interesting and balanced loots for creatures of every level. Many newly designed items are included in this Version Update, waiting to be discovered. The loot system improvement project will continue during the next several releases, and has been designed to greatly improve the overall hunting experience for participants of all levels.

New Items
This patch introduces a massive amount of new weapons to Planet Calypso that will eliminate most of the SIB gaps that have bothered hunters for a long time.

The mission reward rebalancing has been implemented to all Planet Calypso missions.Two new Iron missions have been added, one for Ambulimax and one for a new creature.
There is a new daily mission obtainable from Colonel Rhodes in Camp Echidna, be warned, the mission objectives are inside the contaminated zone!
An attribute token trader has been placed in the Lounge Bar located up in the spiral building in Port Atlantis. Bring your tokens here in order to swap them for attributes.

Several new music tracks have been added to Thule.

Reduced the number of mission tokens awarded from the “Get The Crystals (Daily)” mission. The previous reward was five mission tokens, it’s now two.
Changed the appearance and names of the mining equipment handed out in Thule.
Players will now receive a couple of hides instead of an old rifle in the “Analyzing The Sample” mission.
Increased the Puny Tripudion spawn near Camp Icarus.
Added visualized waypoints to all Camp Icarus missions.
The “No One Likes Frogs” mission no longer requires the player to gather Tripudion heads, instead the player simply needs to kill 10 Tripudions.

Bug Fixes
The truck-outposts ramp is no longer displaced on low and medium graphics settings.
The oil rig near Camp Icarus no longer runs out of oil.
It’s no longer possible for a player to enter another players Crystalline Cavern instance.
Players will no longer get stuck in the Crystalline Cavern if they enter it for a second time.

Known Issues
Reward choice 3 and 4 on the Bronze Argonaut mission both display Inflict Ranged Damage skill. Reward choice 4 should display Athletics skill.
Choosing the skill only alternatives on the 5000 Rippersnapper mission does not work.
One reward choice on Iron Molisk 10000 says 7.08 Alertness skill, this should say 7.08 PED Alertness skill.

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