Friday, September 7, 2012

CLD Feffoid Mania

CLD Feffoid Mania

The Planet Calypso team is excited to present a Calypso Land Deed hunting event, with eighteen Calypso Land Deeds up for grabs!

Winners are determined by the highest loots on the following creature - Feffoid Guard

Event Details
  • 1st Place - 5 Calypso Land Deeds
  • 2nd Place - 4 Calypso Land Deeds
  • 3rd Place - 3 Calypso Land Deeds
  • 4th Place - 2 Calypso Land Deeds
  • 5th Place - 1 Calypso Land Deeds
  • 25th Place - 1 Calypso Land Deed
  • 50th Place - 1 Calypso Land Deed
  • 100th Place - 1 Calypso Land Deed
Event Time
00:01 UTC Monday, September 10 until 23:59 UTC Sunday September 16

Additional Feffoid Guard spawns will be added to accommodate the event at the following locations:
  • Corinth East Hangars - 62842, 86727
  • Ithaca - 68678, 87302
  • Minopolis - 86711, 83409 and 83409, 83080
  • Nymphtown - 88014, 79619
  • Ashi - 83009, 77828
These spawns will be added on Sept. 7 to give colonists time to scout the locations and refine their hunting strategy.

To be eligible to win a prize, your account must be updated with accurate contact information, including proper name, street address & postal code, and email address.
Limit of one prize per account!

Prize Winner Determination
In order to avoid any confusion, a detailed description of the method that will be used to determine the winners of this event is provided below. We believe this event structure gives participants an incentive to hunt as much as possible during the event period, while also allowing those without so much time to have a fair chance of winning a prize in the event.

During the week after the end of the event, MindArk’s database engineers will generate a list of the top loots on the Feffoid Guard creature during the announced event times (between 00:01 UTC Monday, September 10 - 23:59 UTC Sunday September 16).

This list of highest loots will then be sorted in descending order (largest loot to smallest), providing a highest single loot list for the event. This shall shall be called the FRL-Final Results List.

Prizes will then be determined based on positions on the FRL, with the following limitations: no avatar may win more than one prize, and prizes will be selected in descending order (1st prize selected first, 2nd prize selected second, and so on). This will ensure that each avatar can only win a single prize. Any lower FRL positions for an avatar that wins a prize will be removed, resulting in all entries lower on the FRL list moving up one position.

To explain it another way: Avatars may end up with several entries on the FRL, giving them a better chance of winning one of the various prizes available. However, once an avatar has been selected for a prize, all of the that avatar’s entries will be removed from the FRL.

Best of luck hunters!

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