Friday, August 31, 2012

John Bates apologize for Sometrics

Hello Entropians, 

First off, let me apologize for the issues some people have had with Sometrics. Our plan was to begin with only top quality offers, but, there was glitch with that and some offers got through that were not up to our standards. We very much apologize and have completely changed the way we bring offers online with Sometrics so we can be sure they are of the highest quality going forward. Here’s more about what we’re doing.

First off, you don’t have to fill out Sometrics offers. We implemented Sometrics so that players who can’t, or don’t want to put their own funds into the game have another way to earn PED, since it’s nice to have some PED in the game. Sometrics is a quality offer company, owned by American Express and they are now completely clear on our priorities; your experience being our number one priority.

With Sometrics it turns out that there is no way to tell, beforehand, if you’re qualified for a survey, or not. Since that seems unfair, we have removed all surveys.
As well, there were some downloadable offers that came with arguably legitimate, but perhaps unwanted, nonetheless, payloads. We have removed, and will not bring back, any offers like that.

It can take varying amounts of time for offers to pay out. Some happen very quickly, some take up to 24 hours. You cannot contact Sometrics support until at least 3 hours after completing an offer, to give the points time to come through. It will usually say how long an offer takes, but it can still vary. If you have properly completed an offer, and for some reason did not receive PED, all you have to do is provide proof (a screenshot, an email from the offer company, etc.) and Sometrics will credit you. They are being very fair about this.

As mentioned above, we are committed to only offering high quality ads and offers. You must completely finish those steps for which the offer calls. And, we have made it more obvious how to contact Sometrics Support, who are aware of the previous complaints and are standing by to assist us.

To contact Sometrics Support, click on "View Status for your Sometrics Offers" above their offerwall on the offer page and there you will see a list of offers you've clicked. If the appropriate amount of time expires (minimum 3 hours) after you completed the offer, please click "Report Problem" next to the offer and there you will see a pop-up field to report not receiving your PED to Sometrics. From there, Sometrics Customer Service team will contact you to resolve the problem.

Finally, here is the Sometrics FAQ

Who is Sometrics?
Our service helps gamers earn PED through easy to complete surveys and offers. All of our surveys and offers are localized and cover over 100 different countries.

How long do offers take to credit?
Since our offers come from a wide variety of advertisers it is hard to know exactly how long an offer takes to credit you. Most offers that are quick to convert take a minimum of 20 minutes to credit. Every offer does contain information about the timing. However, some offers can be delayed. If an offer has exceeded the expected time please report the offer. Once you have reported the offer be sure to reply to the email that we send to you.

How long before my account is credited?
The vast majority of our surveys and offers will credit your credits account within minutes! However, some make take a few hours or a couple days. The time to credit your account is explained within every survey or offer. Please reach out to our support team with questions.

How do I report an offer?
Navigate to the website to where you saw the offers and click the button labeled "Check Offer Status." From that page you can report any offer that you have clicked on. Please note that you are not able to report an offer unless it has been 3 hours since you first clicked on it.

How can I make sure I get my PED?
While you complete any offer its a good idea to gather evidence showing that you have done your part. Screenshots work great. If you were charged for an offer a screenshot of your account activity showing the charge. You can also capture screenshots from within the offers themselves (be sure to include the url in your screenshot). Lastly, make sure to save any confirmation emails you receive from completed offers.

Why am I not seeing an offer I just viewed on the offer status page?
It takes about 20 minutes for offers to show up on the status page. Every offer you ever clicked on should be listed.

Why am I not able to report an offer I just completed?
You are only able to report offers 3 hours after they have been viewed or completed. We want to make sure that enough time has elapsed for your points to come through.

How do I contact support?
If the appropriate amount of time expires after you completed the offer, please click on the "View Offer Status" link. From there you can report a problem for the specific offer you are having trouble with. Be sure to reply to the email we send once you report the offer. Our support team can be reached through email and live chat support with no need to contact The game directly - we can help get the points you earned.

I reported the offer, why am I not getting help?
In order to receive assistance for an offer that you have reported all you need to do is reply to the email that we send you. Be sure to check your spam folder. When you reply be sure to include any evidence you have showing that you have completed the offer.

What is the offer status page?
Offer status is where you find the history of your transactions, any pending transactions and customer service support.

Can I take the same offer twice?
Most offers do no allow for more than on completion. For those offers the advertiser will know that you have attempted to complete the same offer twice, and you will not receive points for the second completion. Completing the same offer twice is considered fraud. However, a few offers do allow you to complete them more than once. To find out if an offer allows for multiple completions visit the offer status page. Every offer listed shows the number of completions allowed.

I was told by customer service that I was credited, but the offer still shows up as viewed on the offer status page... why?
When a customer service team member manually awards points for an offer that offer will shows as viewed even though the points have been given out.

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  1. The Discover Card offer from Sometrics is a fraud. they promise 340 ped but you will not receive it, you will only be stuck with a new credit card


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