Sunday, August 19, 2012

How to play when you are low on PEDs 2 in Entropia Universe

Take your time, don't try to hunt Atrox and only use a vehicle for emergencies i.e. stuck at an outpost which is surrounded by mobs that easily kill you.

One of the things now missing from EU is the tp run, it's a great way to spend time in EU learning about the various mobs that inhabit it, even if it does mean you get insta-killed by a mob several times when escaping from an outpost.

You don't have to spend every moment hunting, mining or crafting i.e. spending ped. Exploration can be just as rewarding (just not in loot or skill), just pick a tp and then run out to see what's there. You won't be looking at the same thing day in day out and some of the runs along the northern coast of Eudoria can last a couple of hours plus you've got a couple of Castles to look at along the way.

Then when you've collected all the tp's get a land based vehicle and drive them instead because running and driving need different techniques and you'll have to think about your route.

Flying between each tp to collect them easily takes away one of the personal achievements that a newbie can get in EU.


  1. TL stands for Teleport and I highly disagree with you about ruining the experience. Even with a gungnir heli, it took me the better part of 12 hours across two days of play time to collect all Caly TPS. I found the trip amazing, the planet beautiful, and the experience was simply breathtaking on high sitting back and listening to mellow music and soaring through the skies. Each player seeks their own form of enjoyment, I guess. Also, awesome job on this site. It was exactly the resource I was looking for, it took me so long of diving through forums and guides to find a blog in the end thats more helpful than all of them. Keep up the good work.


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