Monday, August 20, 2012

Homeless guy saves money in game to buy Home IRL

I just read the story of this dude from Portland, Oregon in the USA. His avatar in Entropia Universe is  Kathryn Kay-T Ellauren. He lives in a tent, get shower in the gym, play on free Wi-Fi with his laptop. Because he doesn't have a residence address he can't get bank account to save his money. So he is using Entropia Universe as a safe bank account for his real life money to deposit 100-200 USD per month and if he owns few Calypso Land Lot Deeds he will even get better return than what real world banks will give him. And after years when he has enough Project Entropia Dollars in his game account he can withdraw them in real life as real US dollars and buy real home to live in. Here is his story as he describes it:

"For me Entropia serves as a long term, non liquid interest bearing savings account. they way my r/l situation works I'm basically able to only deposit but unable to withdraw.
i hope to someday after maybe another 5-20 years to withdraw and have a a fat stack of cash to buy a decent r/l investment like a place to live or r/l land.

Here in the USA in order to have a bank account you have to have a place to live. a residence address if you will. i don't have one i actually am called "homeless" or a "rough sleeper" so this game allows me to save money which i cant do otherwise with the financial system of my country. MA doesn't require me to have a resident address unlike all banks in USA. i will only need to get a bank account to withdraw. not only that but this is the only savings account that includes fun, play, and escape from reality. currently I'm finding lots of enjoyment from hanging out at the rig with the friends i made there. finally learning how to pvp a little and slowly getting better at it, with the bonus is the share of oil i get helps pay for the cost of pvp so its a break even venture and in a sense some free fun. i still hunt now and then mainly to skill but am kinda discouraged with limited weapons, misses and loot, but gotta skill somehow only one way to skill attributes.

No, i have a laptop computer. i go to a cafe with wifi to get on line. i have a gym membership that gets me a shower, i have a storage where i keep my stuff that i dont want to grow legs. i have a gore-tex single person tent and good sleeping bag that lets me sleep nearly anywhere and stay dry and warm. i have a mailbox that lets me get mail and even packages. i have a mobile phone to txt and get web pages without wifi. the sleeping bag and tent were one time expenses. my monthy expenses for gym, storage, mailbox and phone combined is about $250 a month. i get a disability benefit that get me $900 a month. average rent for a 1 bedroom in portland oregon is around $600 and comes with all kinds of unreasonable rules. with those expenses, food, and time at the cafe i can still afford to depo $100-200 a month : )

I forgot that another reason i stick around entropia is, i find it a productive way to get rid of my frustrations.
its one of the few things that help me to relax and provides me an escape and de-stress fro the constant stress of life and existence. i am also an explorer at heart there are tons of places i still have yet to see especially after the graphics update. and this world is expanding constantly so provides lots of new things to see and i dont have leave my seat."


  1. Imagine this guy complaining about bad loots and calling Entropia a god damn casino.

  2. The problem is that when he saves the money in EU for 20 years, MA will maybe not allow him to pull this money out in one cash out to buy his dream house. Maybe he has to save 20 years and then he needs another 20 years to pull it out again - if MA is still around. However, Good luck


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