Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mission Rewards Rebalancing Update

News from MindArk:

Based on feedback from participants and summer scheduling issues, the implementation of rebalanced mission rewards -- originally scheduled for August 21 -- will be postponed until the October 9th Planet Partner Release.

In addition, a new system for the awarding of attributes will be implemented with the October 9th release, utilizing new items called Attribute Tokens. This system will give planet partners the ability to create missions which award fractional amounts of attributes, and thereby greatly increase the number of creatures which are able to offer attribute rewards through missions.

The new Attribute Tokens, which are non-tradable, exist in five types -- Agility, Intelligence, Strength, Psyche and Stamina -- and can be turned in to an NPC in exchange for points in the associated attribute, at a ratio of 100 Attribute Tokens per attribute point. This system allows participants to decide for themselves the best time to receive the attribute point reward, rather than being forced to receive the reward at the moment of mission completion.

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