Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Calypso Migration 2012

Each year the enormous and majestic Calypso herbivores known as Eomon migrate to their summer grazing grounds. The massive herds that result from this migration attract all manner of predators and other wildlife, including many very rare and reclusive creatures, and in turn the attention of poachers and professional hunters.

Based on high pheromone readings collected at observation posts across Eudoria, experts from the Imperial Exobiology Institute expect the annual Eomon migration to begin around the 29th of June in the area north of Nymphtown.
Unarmed colonists are advised to use caution when travelling through areas near the migration trail, since the normally docile Eomon have been known to become much more aggressive during migration season.
Here is big version of that picture you can use for wallpaper:

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