Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Awesomium coming to Entropia Universe

Kim, one of the developers of Planet Calypso just anounced that they are in the process of integrating web-browser into the Entropia Universe client. He is personally pushing for the ability to have integrated flash games that can be intertwined with the quest system etc. Like actually have to pick a lock to open some treasure chest or perhaps do some coding on an in-game computer to open a locked door. The possibilities are endless. And Bjorn from MindArk added little more information revealing that the Awsomium framework being implemented into Entropia has nothing to do with the recent addition of Sometrics, and will not be used for any sort of external marketing or advertising. Awsomium is a very powerful and flexible framwork for implementing all sorts of cool features. MindArk plan to use it for displaying in-game videos, as well as for improving tutorials and help screens for new participants.
It's powerful framework supports the latest in web standards: HTML5 semantics, JavaScript, and CSS3, as well as Flash and Silverlight plugins. Awesomium is a branch of Google Chromium. Render web-pages to any graphics surface, 3D texture, or otherwise. Perfect for use in games, multi-touch simulations, and more. Create custom web-pages that integrate with your application. Pass data to/from a page via JavaScript, register callbacks, or send custom HTTP headers to your web-server. Uses a multi-process architecture for crash isolation, security sandboxing, and premium load-balancing across multiple CPU cores. The Resource Interceptor system makes it easy to monitor HTTP requests and/or use your own custom resource-loader. It has a clean, readable API with plenty of documentation and samples so you can get going in a matter of minutes.
This web browser is already used in EVE Online

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