Monday, April 16, 2012

Entropia Universe Links - Directory - Cyrene Mission Token daily mission list - 27.04.2015 - Cyrene Database - Weapons, Armor and more - 27.04.2015 - Rebalanced Mission Reward Update - 09.10.2012 - Bob the Builder, Version 2.1 - Help you decide what to craft with your blueprints and the items in your inventory. - New SIB charts - even more new SIB charts - New weapons on Calypso November 2012 - Charts for the New weapons on Calypso November 2012 - A guide to what mob to hunt next on Planet Calypso - Chipping Optimizer Tool - Skill Scanner - Active Shop List updated by Rowan Ra Zamora - Shop Owners List updated by Rowan Ra Zamora - great global (and not only) tracking tool - Old but still very usefull guide about everything in Entropia Universe
Current Service Providers - Service Providers updated by Stryder Stride Corban from Global Ventura Trading Company

Blogs: - Pathfinder XXXI

YouTube - Entropia Universe Gaming and Comedy, he do occasional VLOGS here as well...and sometimes if you listen to the gameplay really close you can hear him fart - Mo's Mining Musings

Planet Calypso - Planet Calypso official website - Planet Calypso official forum

ROCKtropia - Planet ROCKtropi official website - NeverDie website - Planet ROCKtropia official forum - Planet ROCKtropia YouTube chanel

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