Thursday, April 12, 2012

Calypso Land Deed Update

Gothenburg, Sweden - April 12, 2012 /MindArk/

- As MindArk announced last week, all of the 60,000 Calypso Land Deeds have now been sold. Several thousand Entropia Universe participants took advantage of this unique opportunity to become official citizens and share in the future success of Planet Calypso. Land Deeds are now trading at market value on the in-game auction; allowing anyone with an Entropia Universe account still the chance to acquire deeds.

MindArk would like to clarify a couple issues that have been raised regarding the Calypso Land Deeds. Several participants have expressed concern over the possibility that the revenue share of the Calypso Land Deeds might become diluted should a future offering of Land Deeds take place. We would like to take this opportunity to assure everyone that each of the existing Calypso Land Deeds will always receive 1/60000th of 25% of Calypso’s Gross Planet Partner revenue, and this revenue share will never be diluted or reduced. MindArk currently does not have plans for any further Calypso Land Deed offerings. If the decision is made to offer additional Calypso Land Deeds at some point in the future, such an offering would in no way diminish the revenue share received by holders of the original deeds.

Another issue that has been raised relates to voting rights associated with the Calypso Land Deeds. Although the full details of the forthcoming citizenship system are not yet finalized, one solution we are strongly considering is a political system that includes all Entropia Universe participants, with each avatar’s voting power calculated based on a formula that includes various factors such as: account age, deposits, estate ownership, number of land deeds, level of activity, etc. A properly constructed formula will allow us to create a citizenship system that prevents any single participant from gaining an excessive amount of voting power simply by owning a large number of Land Deeds or having deposited large sums. Full details about the voting power formula will be provided as the release of the citizenship system draws closer.

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