Tuesday, February 28, 2012

PED Flow Center Issue and no more CLDs

If you don't know what Calypso Land Deed is, it is like share from Planet Calypso. You buy it for 1000 PEDs (thats 100$) and every week on Monday you get 5-6 PEDs revenue. In addition you get the right to vote in the future and also build a house if you have 9 CLDs or more.
After the last version update 12.5.0 from 21 of February 2012 there was new bug that didn't allow MindArk to place new Calypso Land Deeds for sale on the auction. At first players didn't know that and started asking question if all CLDs are sold. So Kim from MindArk posted short message to explain the situation: "Additional Calypso Land Deeds will be auctioned as soon as we solve a bug that's preventing us from doing just that".
Yesterday, Monday 27 of February 2012 was the day when everyone who has Calypso Land Deeds was expecting to receive their revenue from the deeds. I also expected my PEDs so I can go out and hunt some mobs, but that didn't happened. There was another bug stopping the payment of the revenue. There was fast message from MindArk about the situation: "There is an issue currently affecting the PED Flow Center and Calypso Land Deed revenues. We hope to have this issue resolved with the release scheduled for tomorrow, along with the issue preventing the listing of Calypso Land Deeds on global auction. We appreciate your patience during the update and apologize for any inconvenience."
Let's hope they will fix these bugs fast so people can continue their everyday activities and be able to buy more Calypso Land Deeds.
-The issue preventing MindArk to list estate deeds on the global auction has been corrected, and Calypso Land Deeds will be available again.
-The issue causing data in the PED Flow Center to not display when the interface is first loaded has been corrected.
-Friend List is fixed now.
-And you can receive the revenue from your CLDS now. The revenue was good, but I don't know if the payment was for 7 days or 8.
You can see the full list of bug fixes in the Entropia Universe 12.5.1 Release Notes.

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