Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Guide to being a successful Mentor in Entropia Universe

I am Mentor in Entropia Universe and here is nice guide how to be good mentor in Entropia Universe:

How to get/find disciples.

The best place to find disciples is the New Arrivals area in Port Atlantis. Twin peaks is also a good location, or any lower level teleport location. Nea’s is OK, but it is the last place I would look. Then simply open a private chat with the avatar, say hi, and asked why they don’t have a mentor. Give a little back ground info on yourself, explain what they will receive for graduating and see if they are interested.

I look for people that have a set of pixie armor, or at least a weapon. It is very rare that I will mentor a non-depositor. I have several reasons for this decision.

I’m a paying player for this game. It’s my money that allows sweaters to exist. Sweaters can take up to a year to graduate. Sweaters only graduate at a rate of 10 to 1. There are exceptions to this, if a sweater is willing to sweat enough PED to become a trader as a profession, then I would mentor them. Also, if you are just starting off as a mentor, and you have a lot of free slots available, mentoring a sweater would be good practice for you. My mentor list is full. This is a personal decision for you as a mentor to make. I’m not telling you who to mentor here, I’m simply giving you tips that will make you a successful mentor.

Who you choose to mentor is 100% your decision alone to make. If you want to be a tour guide for everyone that enters the game, be my guest. I’m spending my leisure time mentoring people, and I will choose to mentor the people that have the highest chance of success. I think that you will be more likely to continue as a mentor if you are successful at it. Many people try to mentor, have a bad experience, and give up the profession.
As a mentor you will have to deal with alt accounts, liars and cheats in addition to the legitimate players. Here are the tactics that I use to protect myself from being scammed.

State up front, that you offer the best info in game, but you do not give out PED. Most players don’t want a handout, they get a sense of accomplishment from doing it on their own. Too many times I have read posts about hit and run disciples that take the starting equipment you give them, and log off.

Here are some good starting questions to ask a new disciple.
Where are you from in real life? (What time zone do you play in?)
How long have you been playing?
Have you looked at the forum?
Have you looked at the auction?
What equipment do you currently have?
What is your highest professional level?
Do you have any questions for me?

How a disciple answers your questions gives you the ability to judge if they are truly a new player, or just another scammer. This is incredibly important. You must use common sense here. Make sure their answers match their experience. If they claim they are brand new, but understand how the tier system works, or another advanced system, that should be a red flag for you. Be wary of players that do not have any questions for you. Another useful tactic here is to think of the questions that you had as a starting player, and see if they match up.
I also think that you should not add a new disciple to your society until you are, as sure as you can be, that they are a legitimate new player. Many societies that just add anyone who applies have scammers in them.

Things for a new player to do.

Visit all of the NPC’s in Port Atlantis. They are the Manual for the game currently, and should provide the disciple with a good starting base of knowledge. This will also save you answering a lot of questions.

Give out information about “the thing” quest on RockTropia. This is a cheap way to get a helicopter, Jeep and some new clothes. This is very beneficial as you really need transportation in this game. While buying transportation from the auction is also an option I think doing “the thing” quest is more fun. It exposes the new player to space travel and a new planet. It is just a cheap, fun thing to do.

Adventure quests – “a grave errand” (300 first aid) and “for discrete applicants only” (450 evade) are very important for a new player to do ASAP.

New Island Mission token quests, just buy visiting Triton Naval Station you earn 1 token and can begin the missions there and at Odysseus Landing.

Provide a list of low level mobs to hunt, and locations to find them at. The training beacon on Jennifer Island is also fun and cheap.

Important beginning info to relate to a disciple.
Good starting equipment.
Types of damage inflicted by mobs, argro range.
How amps and armor plates work.
Fruit, stones and sweating.
Team hunting rules, how to look at them, and which ones are acceptable.
PVP rules, toxic shots and PVP rules in space.
Tier systems and enhancers.
What loot to tt and what loot to keep.
NPCs for iron mission quests.
Information and resource sites, this forum and entropedia.info are 2 examples.
And most importantly do not trust anyone in this game. Trades are PVP, anyone that really wants to borrow something will give something of equal value as a deposit.

Mentor responsibilities.

Be online to answer questions as promptly as possible. If you don’t play much you really won’t be much help to a disciple.
Rescue from outposts if needed.
Make sure your disciples are not afraid to ask you questions. Tell them that it doesn’t bother you and that it’s your job to answer their questions.

Things to avoid doing.

Taking a disciple that does not speak your language. A French player may understand some English, but it’s really better for them to have a French speaking mentor. You could always try to direct them to a French player if you know one.
Taking a disciple that plays outside your time zone, you probably won’t be online to help them much.
Sending them to the forum first thing, new players want to play, not read the forum. Suggest that they do it in their free time once they have played the game a little.

Now all this being said, this is a lot of info!!!! Don’t try and shove all this down a new player’s throat at once. Answer their initial questions, give them something to do, and let them lead the questioning a little. Mentoring is different for everyone, but I hope some of these tips encourage people to mentor. Mentoring a new person takes some time at first, but once they get rolling your really there just to answer specific questions. You can do this while crating, trading or just hanging out looking for new disciples. Once you have several disciples a heli tp run is always a good thing.

People ask me a lot if mentoring is really worth it. You will not always get an expensive gift, but you will make friends. Most disciples are very grateful for your help and show it. I think this game is not very team oriented, many people just play by themselves, I enjoy playing with a good group.

Johnny Lucky Seven


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    1. Hey, here is my email axemurderer77@gmail.com

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