Monday, December 5, 2011

Screenshot Contest in Entropia Universe

The MindArk marketing crew are in need of some high-quality screenshots for upcoming promotions, including a very exciting Entropia Universe Facebook app. Nobody knows Entropia better than the players, so get your cameras unpacked and start shooting!

We are looking for screenshots that capture the beauty, energy and uniqueness of Entropia Universe. The contest is divided into five categories, each with its own theme.


The winner in each category will receive one Adjusted Isis LR32 (L) [full TT value].

> Screenshots must be submitted no later than December 8, 2011.
> Screenshots must be uploaded to the Entropia Forum gallery, in the screenshot contest category. Link
> Participants may submit as many screenshots as desired, in any or all of the contest categories.
> Limit one prize per participant.
> Screenshots should have the user interface and shortcut keys hidden.
> Minimum image resolution - 1280x800 (1680x1050 or larger preferred).
> A committee of MindArk staff will act as judges for the contest and choose the winning screenshots.

Important Note!!
By participating in this contest and submitting images, you agree that MindArk may use any or all of your submitted images for promotional and marketing purposes, at its own discretion.

Here are my screenshots:

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