Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Beacons are back in Entropia Universe

Beacon Missions

Beacons are back! Gather your friends and society mates for an exciting new challenge.

To give participants a chance to try out and become familiar with the format of the new Beacon Missions, complimentary Level 2 Robot Beacon items will be distributed to participants possessing any of the old beacon items. For example, if an avatar has one Level 4 beacon and one Level 6 beacon in storage, they will receive two complimentary Level 2 beacons.

How to enter and complete the new beacon mission areas:

1.Form a team with fellow colonists (4 - 12 members). The team leader must be carrying the Robot Beacon in carried inventory.
2.Team leader uses the Robot Beacon to locate the robot gate.
3.Team leader activates the robot gate and enters, followed by the rest of the team.
4.Team must fight its way through the levels and destroy the main boss before the timer runs out. If the boss is not defeated before the timer expires, the beacon mission will end, and the team returned to the Planet.
5.Once the boss is defeated, a new timer begins. Find the loot stored in containers throughout the levels before the timer expires and the robot ship explodes! Any containers unopened once the timer expires will be lost!

New features and changes compared to the old Beacon system:

-Beacons missions vary in difficulty levels depending on the TT value of the Robot Beacon item.
-Be advised - Robot enemies inside the beacon areas may be much tougher than those encountered on the planet. Be sure to bring a strong enough team to complete the mission!
-There are checkpoints inside the beacon areas where team members will revive if killed.
-Team members can now exit and enter the beacon mission area (Note: A player must be a member of the beacon team in order to re-enter).
-If the team is somehow disbanded or you are kicked from the team after entering the beacon area, you can still open containers and receive loot.
-Loot from containers is now automatically shared equally between all members who have entered the beacon area.
-Some containers hold more loot than others. Make sure to find and open all of the containers to receive the maximum possible loot!
-All team members no longer need to visit the last room to be able to open containers.
-Watch out for automated defensive mechanisms and potentially dangerous traps!

Creatures in the Beacon Mission

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