Monday, October 24, 2011

New player hit All Time High in Entropia Universe

Today new player or at least new avatar with almost no skills and the starting mining tool Ziplex Z1 Seeker received very big mining find in Entropia Universe. One of the 100 biggest mining find since the game started back in 2003. Or as players call it ATH (All Time High). The chance of that happening even if you are experienced player is the same as the chance to be hit by a lightning. And when that happens old players start to wonder if it is pure luck or something dark is going on here.
The avatar that got lucky, Eva HotShot Love, has 1 point for Agility, Psyche, Stamina and Strength.
And with the starting Ziplex Z1 Seeker and probably no amp scored 65125 PED Ganganite Stone. In case you don't know this is 6512,50 US Dollars and you can sell it for even more.
The bigger is the cost for your probe the bigger is the mining claim you get. In this case dropping 1 PED probe resulted in 65125 PED claim. That makes you wonder what if he used mining amps?
But enough speculations, here is the story directly from the player (she):

"Hello people, I know a lot of people are very angry with me at the moment, because I'm a noob that got an ATH without an amp, with TT tools.
But as I said this is not my fault.
My history is so short and very nice one!
I am new player, I never deposited, I am not an alternative avatar, I got this ATH unamped, I was using z1, I am level 5 Prospector.
I had some PEDs from some days ago.
I mined little, bit on Eudoria and as I didn't have luck in the first bombs I stopped.
Then I saw a lot of globals and HOFs on mining coming from FOMA.
There was a guys offering free trip to there and I took that.
I arrived, bought some bombs, dropped and it happened.
At firts look I thought it was only 651 ped, I didn't expect even a claim bigger than 20 ped.
But later I started to receive messages saying gratz! from some friends and then I saw I was #1 on HOF and #32 on mining ATH.
And oh my God , it was 65125 ped!!
I'm so happy and sorry, but I have no photo.
I'll try to upload a screenie of HOF list."


  1. Well done, I'm an experienced citizen of Calypso, and have no time for silly jealousy - just displays a lack of understand of EU's mechanics. You didn't play with expectation, and were rewarded, I can't think of a better situation for someone to strike it big. Though I would have thought you'd realised as soon as you moved, running with your feet in concrete blocks in a waist high river of treacle!

  2. It's very common that new players get medium size HOF. My very first 600 ped came from first day mining.

    This only proves that ATHs are completely random. Any HOF can be ATH.

  3. I think this is an example of why some of the old school players resulted to creating 'new' avatars.

    ~Kind of like a dope dealer, giving his new friend a free sample of the goods...

    the older players know, you pay to play :)



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