Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Mining with Finder F-103 from Fort Ares to Ashi

Today I'm going to reveal my favorite mining path. It is not the usual boring lonely walk with no people or creature around.
I am armed with my Gremlin armor and Isis LR23 (L) to clear my path. Down the road I kill Feffoid, Maffoid and sometimes Argonaut. Very often I get globals from the Feffoid and Maffoid. Last few days I got 392 PED HOF Gazzurdite Stone, one solo hunting global from Feffoid, one solo hunting global from Feffoid and one team hunting global from Maffoid.
My mining run starts from Fort Ares. I run to an Outpost on South so I don't come near Longu that usually kill me. And then go East to Ashi.
I search for Mineral Ore and Energy Matter at the same time. Works for me so far.
Just hours after I posted this I got another 57 PED Wool global from Maffoid close to fort Ares.
Map of mining run

Mining details:
Date: 19 of October 2011
Duration: 50 minutes
VU: 12.1.3
Place: Planet Calypso, Eudoria, From Fort Ares to Ashi
Coordinates: 79948, 80218 - 82220, 78362
Land Tax: 0% Hunting; 0% Mining
Resource type: Mineral Ore and Energy Matter
Prospector: 6
Miner: 6
Surveyor: 4
Driller: 4
Finder: Finder F-103; MAXED; Range: 54.5 m; Depth: 363.2; Durability: Good
Extractor: Earth Excavator ME/01; MAXED; Efficiency: 6.8
Loot TT Value: 27.71 PED (31.27 PED with weakly MU)
Lysterium Stone: 4.89 PED (5.52 PED with MU 113%)
Caldorite Stone: 4.25 PED (4.93 PED with MU 116%)
Megan Stone: 4.50 PED (4.95 PED with MU 110%)
Copper Stone: 1.12 PED (1.46 PED with MU 131%)
Erionite Stone: 3.80 PED (4.10 PED with MU 108%)
Gazzurdite Stone: 4.00 PED (4.68 PED with MU 117%)
Crude Oil: 3.25 PED (3.47 PED with MU 107%)
Melchi Water: 1.90 PED (2.16 PED with MU 114%)
Mining cost:
Ammo: 28.50 PED
Drops: 2 type of resources *19 = 38 drops
Claims: 13 (34%)
Finder F-103 decay: 0.56 PED
Earth Excavator ME/01 decay: 0.13 PED
Total expenses: 29.19 PED

Loot - Total Expenses = 27.71 - 29.19 = -1.48 PED (94.93% TT return)
(Formula: return in % = (loot/total expenses)*100)

Loot with MU - Total Expenses = 31.27 - 29.19 = 2.08 PED (107.13% return with MU)
(Formula: return in % = (loot with MU/total expenses)*100)

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