Friday, September 23, 2011

Biggest Version Update in Entropia Universe

Re-implementation of Mentoring

New feature: Disciples will also receive a graduation gift. The disciple reward is intended to encourage disciples to stick with good mentors.
New feature: As you progress in your mentor skill you will move between different reward tiers with unique reward lists.
Re-design: You can now remove your mentor at any time.
New feature: you will be able to use skill chips when you are a disciple, the target level will simply move up.
Improvements to the mission system
New quest function: quests can consume items. This means for example that you could bring materials that you have collected, give them to an NPC and get something else back.
New quest giver indicators: you will now be able to see if a quest giver has a quest available or if you have finished a quest and can talk to him to finish it by looking at the icon above its head, like ! or ?.
Improvements to Creatures and Creatures AI
Creatures can alternate between different types of attacks each with its own set parameters and animations/sounds/particles.
Creatures have the ability to do AOE (Area Of Effect) attacks that strike all players within a specific radius.
Creatures can deal damage based on a percentage of the avatars current HP.
Planned for future releases:
Damage over time effects together with AOE application of the same.
Creatures using mindforce.
Creatures using projectiles that can be avoided.

Next Island - September 27
Redesigned location(s)
Sheperd's Beach:
This isn't a wholly new location as much adding new content to what is already there. You probably have this teleporter point already... under a different name....

Here’s a workstation where an eccentric First Wave explorer develops his scientific breakthroughs.

New missions
New missions introducing the storyline to be continued in the releases.
Mission: Inventing a color

This story involves Dr. Tom Shepherd, the xenobotanist from the Elysian Transmission, reveals more of the Elysian backstory and makes sneaky references characters to be introduced in upcoming releases.

New items and blueprints
Elysian Colorator
Concept Art

Arkadia - September 27


Calypso - October 18

New Server Areas
Calypso update will feature 3 new server areas to connect Eudoria and Amethera.
Some of the new Outposts: Fort Victoria, Jamesons Reach, Naval Station Triton, Odysseus Landing, Camp Poseidon
Partial list of creatures that will be spawning in a good amount on the new areas: Aetherex, Atrax, Rextelum, Mermoth, Daikiba, Gokibusagi, Sabakuma, Tripudion, Leviathan, Rippersnapper, Formacicida, Allophyl, Chirpy, Diripi, Pupugi, Traeskeron

New Creatures
Rextelum: The Rextelum will have different damage types linked to its different attack animations. For example if it punches you with a claw you might take a lot of impact damage but if it strikes with its stinger you take stab and acid damage.

Traeskeron: The Traeskeron was first discovered by Dr H.J. Zeidler during Governor Jamesons expedition to the unexplored region between Amethera and Eudoria. It was quickly classified as beloning to the same family as the Proteron. It is thought that a small population of Proterons became isolated from the rest when the old continent split in two. Over the next several million years they evolved into a creature much more suitable to the new environment. The lack of predators and the scarcity of nourishment lead the Traeskeron to become significantly smaller than its cousin although it is still capable of defending itself. The Traeskerons are known to live in large herds which are always lead by a matriarch.

An acid spitting 50 meter tall boss mob
Hussk will do this 95% of current hp damage attack to everyone within the attack radius and then its up to player to heal as fast as they can before his other attacks begin killing you off. Clarification: Percentage of current HP damage does not deal decay to armor.
He can only be spawned by players through a quest, this quest requires items for completion that has a low drop chance from several new wave spawn bosses.
He's spawned in a cave that he cant leave. And neither can anyone else for that matter since the only way to enter is to jump through a hole in the ceiling and land in a pool of water.
It's a PvP area, it will be in your interest to have a dedicated defense team at the dungeon entrance. Killing an enemy will really mean something here since both teleportations and flying vehicles are disabled in the region and its a darn long hike from the closest outpost.
Updated creature graphics
New missions
a lot of storyline missions
repeatable missions
missions using tokens as quest rewards and as a currency for other items

New items
an armor with respectable acid protection
"Mod Pixie Armor": The mod pixie armor set is actually part of the graduation package rewarded to disciples. Stats: Stab 6, Cut 8, Impact 11 and then 5 in cold, acid and electric. Double the TT value of regular pixie and double +200 in durability.

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