Monday, June 6, 2011

Mass Effect 3 Announce Trailer

If you like playing Entropia Universe you will like playing Mass Effect 3. Mass Effect 3 is single player Action RPG made by BioWare and pubished by Electronic Arts and it is expected to be released 2011.
I played Mass Effect 2 and it was one of the best game I have ever played. You can collect different armors and weapons. You gain skills and comlete missions and quest. You can drill for minerals and travel to different planets. Also you find your team parners and fight with them in the battles.
The game was so good that you finish it without even close the game. You just need someone to bring you food and coffee from time to time. And when you are done you can play it again with the same avatar. You can even use your avatar from Mass Effect 1 in Mass Effect 2 and then in Mass Effect 3. Nice, a?

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