Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The Entropia Universe Concept

When reading Entropia Universe-related forums we have found that you have some questions about the universe concept and overall balancing of the economy, items, mobs, etc. With this post we hope to clarify this for you.

All planets in Entropia Unvierse are part of the same universe where all participants can choose to travel between them. Each participant can transport items and, in the future, also pets. This is part of the Entropia Universe concept where the planets, economy, balancing, etc. are all linked.

The Real Cash Economy in Entropia Universe is interplanetary; only one currency, Project Entropia Dollar (PED), is valid on all planets and the PED is pegged to the US Dollar with a fixed exchange rate of 10 to 1. This means that your activities - traveling, trades, etc. - affect the market values and the economical balance in the entire Entropia Universe.

The ownership and intellectual property rights to the planet resources - e.g. items, vegetation, mobs, etc. - belong to either the Planet Partner or to MindArk. The Planet Partner resources only spawn at that planet, while resources owned by MindArk can spawn on any planet in the universe, even though some of the MindArk resources are designed to spawn on specific planets. Both of these types of resources can be transported between planets with your help: take them with you on your travels throughout the universe.

Entropia Universe is a universe with several planets and is constantly growing. Already today, items and mobs can be available on several planets; either from the aid of traveling avatars or when different Planet Partners choose to include the same resources when creating their planet.  The most common category to be found on several planets is crude material. This is also the category that will have the greatest demand between planets, since some crude materials are only available on one planet, but can be ingredients to recipes on another planet.

Universe Balance

MindArk is responsible for maintaining the balance throughout the entire Entropia Universe, no matter if the balancing concerns an object on one planet or all of them.

For example, if one item is rarely found on one planet, it will not suddenly be common on another, or if animals that are only available through rare DNA on one planet those animals will not suddenly be commonly spawned on another planet. Also, the released number of estates and land areas is restricted to keep the planet and universe in balance.

Platform and Content Development

MindArk is the developer of the platform, including development of new features, systems and services while the Planet Partners is responsible for creation of most of the content you see and use on their specific planet. Therefore, each planet can use what MindArk develops differently to suit the specific planet and its environments the best.

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