Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Why Entropia Universe is better than World of Warcraft

People ask me:
- How do you make money?
- I'm a pro. I'm a businessman. That's a man that makes business. I'm going to give you tips for free.
I just type "n". If it is a noob I don't even take the time to type "o". You get that shit? I just reply "n" for NO. I don't waste time to noobs.
If you are number one - everybody come.
If you are number two - everybody stay with you.
If you are number three .............. everybody's still with Lee. Bruce Lee.
I will show you how to make money. You just need to have monopoly. I deal Large Prismatic Shard. When the new season starts I bought all Large Prismatic Shards for 15 g each and after the season I sold them for 40 g each.
Check the patch note. If the patch notes tell you that they going to need Large Prismatic Shard - you byu them before the patch and you sell them after the patch.
I give you tips for free - you go make money.
Athene (The European Tom Cruise) gives advises for World of Warcraft.
Hot girl's World of Warcraft addicted boyfriend gives tips for gold

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