Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Spaniard Blend will Develop a Planet in Entropia Universe

One months before Planet Arkadia launch date and few months after the release of Next Island, Pyxel Arts has announced on 14 of April 2011 an agreement with MindArk PE AB, the Swedish company owner and developer of Entropia Universe, to develop a sci-fi planet through its games developer studio, Spaniard Blend. I guess the world economics crysis is over now and companies are back to business. With this agreement, Pyxel Arts becomes the only Spanish company that currently has managed to become a Planet Partner, the name that MindArk gives to the companies that develop planets for Entropia Universe.
Regarding the development of video games, Pyxel Arts has created anindependent development studio, which belongs to Pyxel Arts, but is focused exclusively on game development for desktop platforms, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3. The studio is called Spaniard Blend and its web will be available in few weeks Spaniard Blend consists of nearly two dozen professionals of design, programming, art, modeling, animation, music and communication. At this moment the studio is engaged in the development of two online projects for PC, the first of them being launched next spring.
Here are some of their work:

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