Sunday, May 22, 2011

New Creature - Mob Coming to Planet Calypso April 2011

SEE Digital Studios just announced new mob that will come to Planet Calypso April 2011. The creature looks like Daikiba with the head of Argonaut. The video suggest that someone is riding the creature. That suggest that may be the Taming System will be back with the next update in April 2011.  It is not yet confirmed that riding creatures will be implemented with the next update, but considering that previous VU number was 11.9.0 big update is coming soon - VU 12.0.0 . That combined with the fact that new Planet Arkadia will come in the next 2-3 months max, and soon after that Planet Cyrene, players can expect some big improvements to Planet Calypso if SEE Digital Studios want to keep the players on their planet.

At the same time Pioneer from SEE Digital Studios released photo of early sketch of something like a camp with tents. At least we can hope for new mission there, or may be even some sort of Beacon Mission.

Pioneer from SDS: "We're just at the end of a development cycle that started last summer with this doodle. It was the starting point for a discussion that slowly developed over time. About two months back, our worldbuilder started building it, and we're now testing the place and its associated missions.

But that's now. Back then, it was a doodle on grid paper."

From this incredible inside information we can say two things for sure (And not really sure about the first one): 1.SDS will soon release some really nice content that they have been working on for about a year. 2.They have only one World Builder and I don't think they will rise that number with 20% anytime soon, so the developing cycle will remain one year.
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