Sunday, May 22, 2011

How Loot works in Entropia Universe and Alienware Promotion

First thing to be clear on is that MindArk are in charge of the distribution of loots, not the creation of the items. For example, if Planet Partner create a gun, then they advise MindArk that the gun is for hunting loot and then MindArk set what it loots from and at what frequency. Hence apart from knowing that a gun can be looted, the Planet Partner has no more information as to where it can be looted.
In the example of the Alienware products, that is a promotion between Planet Arkadia and Alienware. So Planet Arkadia provide MindArk with either a 3D model or a certificate and request that it be placed randomly as loot across all professions in the quantity Arkadia Studio specify. Full details of the event will be made public on Arkadia Forum prior to the launch of Planet Arkadia.
Some people are too excited about this and expect that this will be like BONUS LOOT, but I expect this items to be like INSTEAD LOOT. So you must loot something with value more than 19 000 PED to have the chance to get the laptop instead of your regular loot. In other words you have the same chance to get 19 000 loot on Calypso and on Arkadia during the opening day and every other day. Of course if you are trader you can sell that laptop to some rich player for a lot more than it actualy cost and make good profit there. And you can always keep it for yourself and have a reason to spend few more years in the game.
To clear some other speculation up - no where was announce that this is a one off promotion with Alienware - Arkadia relationship with Alienware is very good and it is likely you will see similar promotions to support new product releases from Alienware. Planet Arkadia are also working on other promotions in the future with other well known brands.

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