Monday, December 4, 2017

Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map and The Next Planet Parter VU

Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map and The Next Planet Parter VU

Hey guys,

I wanted to give everyone an update about what's been happening with the Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map and how it's effected by the next Planet Partner VU.

Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map
So we'll start with the Dynamic Upgrade Map - it's been a minute since we've had an update to this so I wanted to address this and say that we have been keeping this up-to date internally and making sure that everything is being counted. In the future we will keep players more apprised and keep everyone in the loop. That being said, around the same time as the VU/Mini Patch we'll put out the next update to it here on the forums.

Onto the changes themselves, there wasn't as much activity in some areas, that we as developers thought there would have been, though 3 areas managed to perceiver and move to rank 2: Robot Base Z.R.Q., Great Plains, and Zyn Forest. Congratulations to all Cyrene players for unlocking more of the upgrades!

However, in the next Planet Partner VU only the Robot Base Z.R.Q. and Great Plains unlocks will be coming with the next Planet Partner VU. We feel that releasing the Zyn Forest Upgrade, otherwise known as Epic Chain Mission 3, shouldn't come at this time as Epic Chain Missions 1 and 2 need to be more polished, add more high level items to the final bosses, and feel over-all more complete for players until we can move forward. It will still be unlocked, and will remain so until it is released, only this upgrade has been pushed back.

Next Planet Partner VU
Now we had quite a lot planned for the next update, some of it I personally teased on here early in its development cycle. In a post I had made I outlined a few of the things we wanted to accomplish for the next VU in a post here: >>LINK<< , however, sometimes in development things don't always go according to plan. While some of these thing were achievable, others have been put on hold due to reasons outside of our control. I'll touch on what panned out and will come in a future VU.

Kris | Cyrene said: ↑

- A big update to the Cyrene Dynamic Upgrade Map
Yes - This is coming with the next Planet Partner VU, along with 2 of the 3 unlocks that were achieved.

Kris | Cyrene said: ↑

- Hub progression - Cypher of Ryvox Chain Finale
No - This is coming in a future Planet Partner VU, I can't get into specifics but the real stopping issue is that final reward/reward system is in limbo.

I would like to mention that there will be a small improvement to the Hub-Side Proving Ground coat that will be a start to something that I hope everyone will like. Lilmc will talk a bit more about this in another post.

Kris | Cyrene said: ↑

- Continued Improvements and Quality of Life Updates
Yes - This is coming in the next Planet Partner VU, as with every VU we try to improve whatever aspects of Cyrene that we can.

Kris | Cyrene said: ↑

- More recipes in the Cyrene Blueprints Book
No - This is coming in a future Planet Partner VU, however, we are working with MindArk to make sure that all recipes currently available can more easily be discovered on Planet Cyrene.

Kris | Cyrene said: ↑

- Mission continuation for: S.I. Heart, Neff's Stim Pack
No - This is coming in a future Planet Partner VU, similar to the Cypher of Ryvox Chain Finale, the real issue is the rewards are in limbo. Although, there is one point to mention:

It will be easier to create the combine for Zorra's HK. A reduced material cost and removed the part from Lazidol that seems to never drop.

There are still several other new things coming in next Planet Partner VU, and one of my favorite is the new leaks, who will get their own missions and have reasons to be hunted outside of chain missions as well.


The last thing I wanted to touch on was the Booths, and while we've had a plan in place for booths for a while now >>LINK<< it's not as easy as it may appear to have a system in place like the one we're envisioning. We're still working on the best way to get these into the hands of the right players, as well as improving the overall look of the Booths and Shopping areas.

There are other things happening behind the scenes, but nothing that I can share more about at this time. Please feel free to leave any and all questions in this thread and I'll do what I can to get them answered.



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