Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Planet Calypso Content Release 2016.3.1

Planet Calypso Content Release 2016.3.1

Settlement update
The Mulmuns have retreated from Sakura City and Fort Zeus


All Angel Armor variants have received a graphical update
Further graphical updates to all Plot cities currently present

Outpost Southeast of Limnadian District
Removed Servicecenter
Placed basic terminals by one of the buildings
Replaced Turret models and tweaked placement
Eurus Outpost
Removed Teleporter
Removed Society Terminal and Auctioneer

During Fort Incursions all gates get locked upon gate Guardian spawn, destroying a Guardian will unlock the gate it stood at
Environment update to the swamp west of Fort Lahar

Fort Lahar

Switched places of SGP 2 and SGP 3
HP reward is now 20
The Kerberos outside of the event area no longer get despawned upon event start

Fixed Issues
Fixed NPC Aila Bukin’s dialogue not appearing
NPC Broska’s and Bray’s rejection dialogue is now more fitting
Corrected Thule map

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