Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Entropia Universe Referral Program Finally Here

Entropia Universe Referral Program Finally Here

Or is it. MindArk still haven’t confirmed this officially, but it seems that MindArk and Akoz are partnering for creating new marketing website for Entropia Universe where you can invite other people to play Entropia and in return get paid for it.

You can read the details bellow and if you want to help me in the game you can use my link to register for the game. I will get 1% of your globals. Your loot won’t be decreased. This 1% will be paid from EntropiaFriends. And if you want to recruit other players please use this link . This way I will get 10% of your recruits' income and you will lose nothing. I will think for different bonuses for my recruits so you also benefit from using my link. For a start I am thinking of free tickets for event with big prizes.

The payment model is interesting. You will get 1% of every global the recruited players gets for all time. A global is when you get big loot mining, hunting or crafting. It was fixed to be for loot over 50 PED (5 USD), now for some creatures it can be as low as 10 PED (1 USD). So if your recruit receive loot of 100 PED you will get 1 PED or 0,10 USD. For small player you will get probably 1 USD per year, but there are loots of 20 000 USD, if your recruit hit one of those you will get 200 USD for just one creature he killed or deposit he mined or weapon he crafted. And you will get 1% of every global until that player is playing the game. You can get your money in the game in form of PEDS or via PayPal. What I don’t like is that external website for tracking globals called EntropiaLife will be used. This means that it is possible your recruit to hit global on less populated planet or in space, and if it doesn’t register with this external website, you will get nothing. You will see the full names of the players you recruit. They appear in the "Recruited players" list, so that you may befriend them, mentor them and follow them up as tightly as you wish. This is a key concept of EntropiaFriends.

Akoz confirmed that the reward of 1% will come from EntropiaFriends and will not result in decreased loot return or decreased CLD payouts.

Here is the info on the website:

EntropiaFriends is a platform for rewarding Entropia players that are helping to spread the word about Entropia Universe.

EntropiaFriends aims to increase the growth and population of Entropia Universe by offering generous rewards that scale with activity of the recruited players.

EntropiaFriends is an independant marketing partner of MindArk - the developer and operator of Entropia Universe.

Decription of the service

EntropiaFriends is an online service designed to facilitate rewarding recruitment of new players to the game Entropia Universe.

EntropiaFriends is an independant marketing partner of MindArk.

MindArk are in no way accountable for services offered by EntropiaFriends.

Referral fee

The referral fee is calculated based on the best available data to EntropiaFriends as a percentage of the total globaled value of the recruited players.

An EU account may generate referral fees to the user during the period commencing upon the time of registration of the new EU account tagged with the user's recruitment code and until the EU account is deemed inactive by MindArk.

Referral fee payment

The user may at any time request payment either through paypal or to an Entropia avatar as long as the user posesses a minimum amount of currency in his account.

The user is responsible for payment of any applicable sales-, use- or other taxes and all applicable fees, custom duties and similar charges.

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