Monday, April 4, 2016

Digital Donald Trump

'Digital Donald Trump' Elected The First President of Virtual Reality

Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs Wins Historic Bid!

First Official Action - A Declaration of War on Artificial Intelligence

LOS ANGELES, March 31, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Visionary entrepreneur Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs, sometimes labelled the 'Digital Donald Trump' for his breath of experience in the world of VR, has been elected the first-ever President of Virtual Reality in an officially sanctioned election hosted by Swedish VR developer Mindark PE AB and supported by a coalition of game developers. NEVERDIE was elected when the polls closed at midnight on March 27th, receiving over 70 percent of the vote, as it was tallied on The online election was timed to end in conjunction with the debut of the March 28th bow of the highly anticipated Oculus VR platform. He will now lead the rapidly expanding VR industry as the voice of 'all things VR.'

A real campaign, with a serious mission -- NEVERDIE's platform and now his mission will revolve around making audiences around the world aware of the need to maximize the rapidly changing behavior of consumers as they evolve from passive consumers of entertainment and media -- into a much more active role -- creating, curating and interacting with content. NEVERDIE Jacobs will announce in April the launch of a global initiative and the first major step in his strategy to build the infrastructure for VR worlds that will create the job opportunities needed to stand against Artificial Intelligence. With everything ranging from television, music, politics to sports blurring boundaries between physical and digital (virtual) experiences, NEVERDIE's decades of work in the virtual world (creating, building and educating) will enable him and a cabinet of advisers to help millions maximize the potential of this transition.

One Billion Jobs in Virtual Reality

Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs: The First President of Virtual Reality March 2016

One Billion Jobs in Virtual RealityJon NEVERDIE Jacobs: The First President of Virtual Reality March 2016

"Virtual reality is the greatest discovery since America and there are no limits to how great it can become," stated NEVERDIE Jacobs in his first official remarks. "Humanity must keep pace with Artificial Intelligence as it's essential to replace the jobs that are being lost. We can only win the first battle by acting fast and investing in virtual infrastructure to create new jobs. Most importantly the borders are open for all entrepreneurs, pioneers, refugees and even real world governments looking to address the disruption caused by rapidly advancing technology."

"Through wide adoption of avatar skills as currency and a unified commitment to a secure global virtual goods marketplace, we can instantly disrupt the multibillion dollar video game industry to the point where people will choose the games to play based upon how much they can earn for their time and skills playing. This model will lead to massive increase in the GNP of Virtual Reality Worlds and fuel the trillion dollar VR industry, ultimately benefiting developers, users and investors alike."

NEVERDIE Jacobs has been at the frontline of pioneering Virtual Worlds for over a Decade, setting Guinness World Records for valuable virtual items and working with major Hollywood studios to bring pop culture to Virtual Worlds. His Campaign pledge in the election for the first President was to create one BILLION jobs in Virtual Reality during his initial 4 Year term in office.

The exploding Virtual Reality industry is projected to generate revenues of $200 billion per year by 2020. The Office of the President of Virtual Reality will be financed from the GNP of Entropia Universe, the leading real cash economy Virtual Universe developed by Swedish developer Mindark PE AB.

In conjunction with assuming Presidency of VR, NEVERDIE Jacobs has been selected to attend the Singularity University Executive Program where he will join a community of innovators from around the world working together to understand utilize the exponential advances in technology, science and medicine to address global challenges. The Singularity University was co-founded by celebrated futurist Ray Kurzweil who is now the Director of Engineering at Google and Peter Diamandis who is also the founder of XPrize foundation.

Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs waged an international campaign to win the Presidency of VR. Spreading the message of the world's need for governance in the burgeoning world of VR and of the threat Artificial Intelligence poses to global jobs, NEVERDIE Jacobs' campaign stops included the world renowned Sundance and Slamdance Film Festival and representing VR as a featured speaker at the Mobile World Congress (MWC), the leading industry conference for mobile technology and related industries, in Barcelona, Spain. VR tour stops included "Technolust," a highly anticipated Cyberpunk VR Game World available soon for Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation.

About Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs - In 2008 Jon NEVERDIE Jacobs' 'Asteroid Club NEVERDIE' entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the Most Valuable Virtual item. Continuing virtual world success lead NEVERDIE to create NEVERDIE Studios - bringing pop culture to Virtual Reality by developing VR experiences for some of entertainments' greatest icons including King Kong, Michael Jackson and Lemmy.

About the President of VR and Election - Entropia Universe will become the first Virtual Reality platform and Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) to become self-governed by its user base. Mindark, the developer of the Entropia Universe will act as a Congress to provide checks and balances while participants will vote on key issues that will affect their worlds and investments. As President, NEVERDIE will work with an initial operating budget, promote strategic alliances between the VR government and real world groups/institutions.

As part of this landmark new initiative – hardware and software developers, publishers and creators are encouraged to join the Virtual Reality Coalition in support of the creation of the Avatar Bill of Rights as a means to galvanize the VR community.

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