Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Valar Morghulis and Entropia Universe

Valar Morghulis

Yes, you got it right – I was busy last few months reading the books of A Song of Ice and Fire. If you don’t know this is the book version of A Game of Thrones. That’s 4273 pages of names and dead people.

And before I start writing for Entropia Universe today may be I have to make disclosure. It is possible that at the time you are reading this I am making money from this game. Ok, now let’s start.

But I was still keeping an eye on Entropua Universe news. And there is both a lot new stuff and still everything is how it was. Depends if you are optimist or pessimist. Pessimist will see that Planet Cyrene and Planet Toulan are about 4 years late on the hard launch date. Soft launch was when small portion of the planet was released after few years of development and hard launch was promised to happen soon may be in 2012-2013. It didn’t happen. You can wonder if someone decided to stop the project to minimum or to wait until the planet is in perfect condition to go for hard launch with massive advertising campaign and everything. And not much to see in the opposing direction. Planet Cyrene is moving forward with the dynamic map upgrades, but it is very slow development speed.

Pessimist will see that Calypso Land Deed (CLD) ROI is going down and this is the primary indicator for the health of the game. There were also weeks with 0 CLD payment. In contrast to this all Arkadia Underground Deeds (AUD) were sold and their price went up by 40%. That means that people voted with 1 million from their US Dollars that they like Planet Arkadia and believe the Underground will do better and better.

Also the development of the citizen system goes extremely slow. You can grab your plot in 2015 and you will have to wait 5 years before you can do anything with it. Good news is that it will be available on other planets too and will make players feel more at home when they actually build some structure in the game.

Monria failed to get on Steam and later was sold I think on loss. Not much else happening there, but let’s hope the new owners will have more passion and money to continue development of the Moon.

Planet Arkadia as always is the golden bow of Entropia Universe. Making unique content and actually make you feel like you treasure hunt on the planet is fresh feeling that most people that watched Indiana Jones as kids like. You have plenty of opportunities to hunt for treasures there and get your daily dose of endorphins.

Planet Rocktropia as usually get some negative comments for its content, but it is the planet that connects Entropia to Hollywood and Neverdie makes a lot of stunts to get the game in the news so he does good job in the end. And if you don’t like shooting zombies just don’t go there.

Space as always is pushed for the next year for development, but what can you do. May be if more people spend their peds there it will get more attention from the developers.

MindArk provide Entropia Platform to some online casinos and this is good news for me. Even if they are on loss from the game they will not shut it down if they make enough money from the platform they provide to other companies.

And let’s not forget the ComPet game is coming after 2 months. One more game to play in the office and hopefully more players will come to Entropia Universe.

This got too long, let’s stop here and continue tomorrow with State of the Universe Address 2016.

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