Wednesday, June 3, 2015

BATTALIA: The Creation - perhaps your next board game

If you like board games, here is one fun game that just went live on Kickstarter. A competitive, fast pace, strategic deck builder, which combines map construction, hero and area control and unique calendar mechanics.

BATTALIA: The Creation is a medium weight strategy game for 2-4 players, ages 13 and up. An expansion for up to 6 players is on our schedule, but for now let’s focus on the basics: the game combines the mechanics of map construction, deck building, hero and area control and unique calendar mechanics.

In the base game, you will buy useful artefacts and hire battle units to support your armies, you will build roads and cities and send your heroes to battle - you will have to find the most powerful mixture of all these assets and apply them at the right moment, so you could claim to be the rightful ruler of Battalia and win the game. A victory can be obtained through aggressive conquest or a peaceful development of your own city system (if you are lucky and the others let you ... :) .
The interesting game play will provide you with the opportunity to make key decisions and turn the tides of even the grimmest outcomes. A player can outmaneuver and BE outmaneuvered by his opponents at any point during the game. Dynamic atmosphere and intense battles are key factors in the overall experience, however the game strives to stimulate planning and strategy over rash and impulsive decisions.
In general this is not a luck based game, because of the core deck building mechanics, but a die is integrated as an optional element and is the ingredient, which spices up the game for all the fortunate fellows! You will find also an element of bluffing, when you fight your battles, so put the poker face on and be ready to outsmart your opponent.
The game is defined by the unique combination of mechanics, aesthetic art style, and the presence of large scale 3D Hero figures in four colors, representing the leaders of the players army and their movement on the board.

Game Features:
  • Basic game mode
  • Advanced game mode for experienced players
  • Alternative game scenarios - including completely new game setup for adventurous type of players.
  • Modular map, built during the game 
  • Four factions - the Bearfolk, the Cloudborn, the Emberians, the Islanders
  • Unique calendar mechanics
  • Unique cards purchase mechanics
  • Video rules (available at the end of this summer)

More you can read on the kickstarter page. BATTALIA: The Creation - perhaps your next board game

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