Monday, May 4, 2015

Planet Cyrene Improved B.E. Armor Guide

Just found great guide how to get this cool armor when I get to Planet Cyrene.

You'll need to:
-Get the BP's for Cyrene Token
-Craft the B.E. Pilot Armor
-Gather materials for the upgrade recipe
-Add them the armor full TT to refiner with materials and refine

This is short! if you wonder how any steps are here it is

ABOUT THE B.E. Armor!....

You can aquire the 7x BP's for each part (Limited with 100 clicks) buy obtaining 750x Cyrene Daily Tokens @ 0x1 Depot Teleporter, close to the statues

This is a repeatable quest, after a week/few days, so the supply (currently) isn't running out at least.

So before you jump on the NPC without knowing how expensive each part is! Here it is

TT each part is 11.4 = 79.8 PED total

- 2x Weak Protein Strain
- 1x Synthetic Rubber

- 3x Weak Calcium Compound
- 2x Terrestrial Hormone
- 1x Low Grade Motherboard

- 1x Fish oil
- 1x Synthetic Rubber
- 1x Weak Calcium Compound
- 1x Low Grade Motherboard

- 2x Outstanding Calcium Compound
- 1x Pure Choroid
- 2x Decent Magnesium Component

- 3x Low Grade Metal Compound
- 1x Pure Choroid
- 1x Decent Protein Strain

Leg Guards
- 6x Medium Grade Motherboard
- 5x Component Grease

- 3x Lurker Lube
- 2x Decent Calcium Compound
- 1x Synthetic Rubber
- 1x Low Grade

So those are the Materials! Its a lvl 4 BP! So it requires lvl 7.5 and should be maxed at lvl 12.5 or so.

Some of the materials you might be wondering how to do or seems complicated the list right?

So here's a list of all simplified of the total materials (if you are 100% sucessfull which is hard, next to impossible for all the set), what it takes to get them and what mobs if its the case

5xComponent Grease - 15x Diluted Body Oil - Merfolken
2xDecent Calcium Compound - 8x Bone - Sky Wraith / Tree Dragon
2xDecent Magnesium Component - 4x Protective Coating+4xCracked Shell- Tide Claw
1xDecent Protein Strain - 2x Bone-in Meat 7x Super Adhesive - Tide Claw
1xFish oil - 3x Shed Skreel Tail - Skreels
4xLow grade Metal Compounent - 8x Low Grade Scrap + 4x Zorn Star Ingot
2xLow grade Motherboard - 4x Low Grade Eletronic + 18x Super Adhesive
3xLurker Lube - 6x Swamplurker oil + 3x Hardening Agent - Swamp Lurker
6xMedium Grade Motherboard - 6x Medium Grade Eletronic + 6x Life Essence
2xOutstanding calcium compound - 2x Protective Coating + 2x Greater Claw
2xPure Choroid - 2x Kaisenite + 2x Partial Eye Remains
3xSynthetic Rubber (its a raw material) + Swamplurker
2xTerrestrial Hormone - 4x Terrestrial Gland + 8x Zorn Star Ingot - Rhino Beetle/MangChang
4xWeak Calcium Compound - 12x Lesser Claw - Tree Dragon
2xWeak Protein Strain - 6x Bone-in Meat + 2x Bonding Liquid

This is the Total list of materials needed and where you get them

I will make a clearer looking one (or if someone wants to make an image i will edit and add in future).

So now! You know all there is to know about how to craft! sounds a lot? its nothing but few PED worth TT + Clicks of the limited Blueprints.

This was quite public information or you'd get it with some work

But most are yet unware of the wanted Improved B.E.

So now for the Improved B.E.!...

The recipe was revealed not long ago

All you need to do is grab the refiner, drag the armor part fully repaired with materails

But I will list it once again! and if something is new, I will add how to get it

-1x Boffin Upgrade Part - Confirmed from Vlanwings, Rumored from Protocore
-2x Zorn Star Ingot
-1x Decent Magnesium Component (go up and check)
-3000 or 3k Sweat (gather it / buy it of a friendly noob!)
-2x Swamp Lurker Oil
-5x Imperium Cube (Component 1-5 crafted from Technician BPs, once you get all you all you refine them to create Imp Cube, and from those, together with Cyrene Daily tokens, you will Craft Imperium cubes)
-1x Fergunson's All Purpose Lube (Limited Blueprint, takes 3xOil Res/3xEye/4x Swamp Lurker Oil/10 Sweat each click)

Here is the List! a combined tt (if im not mistaken) of 5,73 ped, basicly double the regular B.E. TT! this is the list for EACH part, multiply by 7 and you know what you need for a full set!

Guide by Paulo Manique Santos

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