Friday, May 22, 2015

First phase of the CLD estate system

MindArk is excited to announce that the first phase of the CLD estate system outlined in previous development roadmaps and State of the Universe addresses will be implemented in the upcoming Version Update, currently planned for June 2015.

Work is progressing on distributing CLD estate plots throughout Calypso, including re-landscaping of areas near popular cities and outposts. The first batch of CLD estate plots will be made available in a Version Update after the summer, and will be located in a newly-designed colonist settlement. Participants interested in claiming CLD estate plots will take part in a reverse-bid auction using their existing Calypso Land Deeds. Full details on the auction process will be given as the release of the CLD estate plots draws nearer.

Building a structure on a claimed CLD estate will require various resources. A new resource gathering system will be introduced in the upcoming Version Update that enable participants to harvest natural resources which can be manufactured into building components utilized in the forthcoming housing system that will be implemented after the summer.

The attached concept images provide a quick peek at the work going on behind the scenes where MindArk’s design and development teams are working diligently to ensure that these new systems will enhance the enjoyability and depth of Entropia Universe by adding exciting new gameplay opportunities, while also rewarding CLD holders for their valued support and patience.

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