Tuesday, April 21, 2015

How to get more PED:s for your money

My last post was about the items you can buy from the Entropia Universe Web Shop. For the people with gold card they must enter the code every time they want to see what is in the webshop so it is easier to see it posted. As you probably know when you deposit to Entropia Universe you get less than 100 PED for your 10 USD. Also on the webshop you can buy 95 PED for $10, 285 PED for $30 and 570 PED for $60. And you know 10 PED is $1 so obviously you lose money depositing directly into the game or buying PED:s from the webshop.

The solution to the problem is to buy Universal ammo pack. For $10 you can buy Small Universal Ammo Pack with 1000k Ammo that cost 100 PED and even get bonus 2 Autoloot Pills and 3 H-DNA. For $50 you can buy Medium Universal Ammo Pack with 5000k Ammo that cost 500 PED and even get bonus 10 Autoloot Pills and 20 H-DNA. For $100 you can buy Small Universal Ammo Pack with 10000k Ammo that cost 1000 PED and even get bonus 20 Autoloot Pills and 50 H-DNA.

One Autoloot Pill has value of 0,5 PED so for $10 you get 101 PED, for $50 you get 505 PED and for $100 you get 1010 PED.

When you buy Universal ammo pack you get more than 10 PED for $1. The only problem is that you must use that ammo to shoot mobs. You can’t directly sell it and buy CLD for example. So if you want to deposit $1000 to buy CLD you can’t use this method, it will take a lot of time to convert the ammo into PED:s. But if you deposit to play just buy Universal Ammo Pack and play more for the same money.

If you are a miner or a melee player you will have to wait because at the moment it is not possible to buy mining probes from the webshop or something you can use to kill with a melee weapon. But if MindArk don’t want everyone to become hunters I believe there will be such options sooner or later.

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  1. now miners too can use this method :-) (i know its a bit late and most of you already know)


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