Friday, March 27, 2015

The Calypso Advisors 2015

CDF Announcement

To help ensure the safety of arriving colonists on Calypso the CDF recently have appointed six Calypso Advisors.

The Calypso Advisors will guide newcomers and assist whenever help is needed. Occasionally the Advisors will also arrange newcomer events in areas like Camp Icarus and Halfmoon Bay where many newcomers start their journey on Planet Calypso.

The Calypso Advisors Mallard, Oak, Hemlock, Hazel, Saguaro and Rowan seen in their vintage outfits.

CDF Colonel Briers explained the reasoning behind the appointments. “The Advisors main role is to give guidance for newcomers to survive out in the many harsh wildernesses of Calypso. Additionally the Advisors should also work to tighten the relation between Calypso veterans and Calypso's future veterans and to strengthen the overall community spirit to better withstand future challenges.”

Colonists are advised to join the planet specific #calypsoadviser channel where they can get assistance from the Advisors and also help other Calypsians out by sharing their experiences and findings.

Please note that the Advisors are not MindArk employees and that they won't be able to assist with issues that are handled by Entropia Support. The Calypso Advisers are primarily online on weekends.

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