Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Planet Arkadia - Oratan Disarmed

Oratan Disarmed!

Last weekend’s Oratan Attack was successfully defended against, and not only that, the defenders even managed to disarm the Oratan!

They managed to take control over a couple of their Laser Crossbows better known as Eron SoulReamer and Eron SoulScreamer. They also managed to recover a couple of Herman weapons that the Oratan must have stolen off IFN personal in the field.

One of them was a very rare Herman XLR Chulan Edition. The defenders also discovered that the Oratan were carrying Smuggler weapons - Herman RAW-505 and RAW-202 (long range laser weapons). Fortunately they were able to reclaim these weapons as well.

Even though it is obvious that these Herman RAW-202 Smuggler and Herman RAW-505 Smuggler weapons are unauthorized by the IFN, the colonists who managed to disarm the Oratan were allowed to keep using these weapons as a personal “thank you” from the IFN for their services during the attack.

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