Friday, December 12, 2014

Help New Player or Free Weekly Events : 12,000 PED Per Week

Help New Player or Free Weekly Events : 12,000 PED Per Week

As part of an effort to stimulate the economy further, and help with the growth of the game, I have earmarked 12,000 Ped Per Week from my CLD income to be used in one of the following two ways.

1. Paid Positions for qualified individuals in the community to better assist new players, and supply them with a starter pack for free.

a.- Would range from 1000 ped ($100) to 2000 ped ($200) per week per worker.

b.- With the help of a community I would acquire packs based on one or two of the 3 Main Classes. ( Hunting to me seems one of the easiest, however mining seems like it would provide a much stronger / higher ROI keeping them playing longer ) This can also include a lesson in trading / auction etc ( see c )

c.- The development of a comprehensive beginners / professions guide that will be continually updated to account for any changes within the game. I understand there are numerous guides out there, however I would like to get together those individuals in professions who have experienced a level of success that can contribute to the guide in a meaningful way, with the thought in mind that this is to help the stability and growth of the game over the long term. The communities involvement in this is crucial as the community knows best in regards to what to expect as a new player, experiences in the past you have had that have been beneficial etc. I don't want to take up this entire thread elaborating, but long story short I would earmark 10,000 ped ( $1000 ) for the creation of such a guide with the idea it will be updated etc.

2. Weekly Ingame Events

a.- This would be Free ingame events for different levels of game player to support the community directly with 12,000 ped being given away each week. or 48,000 ped per month.

b.- This would require the acquisition of various land areas to account for the various skill levels of players participating ( low to high level players ) The taxes used from these events would be dedicated to a smaller scale version of Option 1 ( New Player Support )

c.- Would require different amounts for each level of skill so to not isolate one class of player from getting no financial support.

There are allot of + and - to each of these which are to be considered, and barriers would have to be thought of to prevent the exploitation of such initiatives ( someone creating multiple accounts to get kits etc or colluding to win events weekly ) but I thought the best place to finalize this idea would be with the communities help.

Why would I want to do this? : Simple, I can make more money over the long term, while simultaneously helping the community grow / prosper.

Through my research I have noticed that planet partners have struggled on two fronts.

1. Marketing - None have really capitalized on everything that this unique platform offers through any real marketing. The initial marketing should be kicked off with a big event. I understand the first big waves came through the news of Club Neverdie and Treasure Island sales. It made people say wow this much money is changing hands in a virtual world in a game I can play for free? Knowing that this type of news has caused two main gains in the population of this planet is very valuable information that has not been fully utilized. I won't go much deeper into this, however I have many ideas which I feel confident would succeed.

2. New Player Retention Rates - Because of a lack of the above I have proposed, there is no where near enough new player support to keep people playing the game once going through the processes to land on calypso. I have personally on numerous occasions had friends make accounts, and try to figure the game out and see what help they received. It was a terrible experience and can be vastly improved. This needs to be done from a ground up approach in a way we can do without the help of any developer. Direct interaction with another human will never be replaced as the best learning tool, we need to capitalize on this.

I do this with the idea that in the future I will be able to create my own marketing campaign, bring in my own new players, and receive decay % profits from such accounts. The most important part for ANYONE who wants to do something like this, is to have a place where the new can survive and learn. If they join the game and quit after a few days not one person wins from this.

I welcome any and all comments public or private. I thank you for your time for reading through this wall of text.


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