Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Gold Rush 2014 - Auction

Gold Rush 2014 - Auction
Event Starts : 6th February 2015 - 8th March 2015

Attention Gold Rush Enthusiasts

The Gold Rush fever is upon Planet Arkadia once again and it brings about with it an Arkoin Auction.
Prepare your bids because there will be fierce competition.


1.A variety of items will be periodically auctioned during the Arkadia Gold Rush 2014.
2.The auctions will occur entirely here, on Planet Arkadia Forum, and not in the in-game auction system.
3.Bids will only be accepted in Arkoins.
4.Bids of any items other than Arkoins (eg PED) will be deemed invalid.
5.For each item being auctioned:
  • The item will feature in a new auction thread of its own
  • That auction will be announced in this thread, with a link
  • The auction will begin when it is listed
  • There will be no buyout bid amount
  • For the first four (4) weeks after the relevant auction thread is published, the auction will remain open.
  • After the first four weeks, the auction will then end when a bid remains the top bid for a period of 72 hrs
  • Such a 72 hr period will be taken to have begun no earlier than four (4) weeks after the auction thread is published
  • The winner is required to contact Dylan | Arkadia to arrange for trade or collection of auctioned item, within one week of the end of the auction.
  • If the winner of the auction fails to collect their award within the aforementioned one week of the end of the auction, the item will be awarded to the next highest bidder.
6.The potential issue has been raised that somebody could bid a million bajillion Arkoins that they don't have, with the plan of winning the auction, not claiming their prize, and having the prize go to their friend, the second bidder with a very small bid.
  • This is a great point, and we appreciate it having been raised.
  • Arkadia Studios will at its discretion check that interesting bids are backed by an actual Arkoin balance.
  • Arkadia Studios will announce a bid to be invalid on such grounds if deemed necessary.
  • Please note, "million bajillion" is not a real number, though legitimate attempts to bid this high are of course encouraged.
7.To avoid potential confusion, all bidders must ensure that their full in-game avatar name is visible by stating it in the actual bid post with the amount of Arkoins that they are bidding with.
8.Prizes will be sent after the end of Gold Rush 2014 (estimated end of March 2015).

To begin with, we are pleased to announce that the following items will be auctioned during the Gold Rush 2014 Auction!

Hydra Armor Set (M)
Starting Bid - 50000 Arkoins

Hydra Armor Set (F)
Starting Bid - 50000 Arkoins

Terra Amp 1 Gold Rush (UL)
Starting Bid - 250000 Arkoins

Ankitus Armor Set Blueprints - 100QR
Starting Bid - 25000 Arkoins

Modified Melee Trauma Amplifier VIII
Starting Bid - 75000 Arkoins

​With that said, best of luck to one and all. The event will be announced across all media platforms. So get your Arkoins now and get ready for the Gold Rush 2014

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