Friday, November 7, 2014

Becoming a Planet Partner

I believe this is new text on MindArk site informing future Planet Partners that their planet may fail :)

There is no text book definition of a Planet Partner. However, to successfully create and maintain a planet, a Planet Partner should have a long-term perspective, a creative mindset and a secure and stable economy for marketing, personnel and planet operations.

Each Planet Partner must have a unique concept to increase the diversity in Entropia Universe and must contribute with a new market, rather than just utilizing the existing end user base. Furthermore, there is no acceptance for concepts and content of gambling, a pornographic nature or any other concept that MindArk deems inappropriate or that is illegal.

Planet Partners with strong unique ideas, ability to bring in new customers and with sufficient funds for planet content production and marketing have a high probability for a quick return of investment.

Regarding the Success, or Failure, of Your Virtual Planet in the Entropia Universe.

MindArk is the platform provider supplying each planet partner the proven tools and systems to which allow them to build their own unique, individual, virtual planet inside the Entropia Universe.

The success or failure of your virtual world can depend on many factors. A few stand out as must have factors. The first is theme and game play. You must have a compelling story and theme which attracts and engages the interest of YOUR registered users. Without this major component the success of your planet is in serious jeopardy. Imagine a movie with little to no plot. Imagine an unimaginative book written with poor grammar. They are both like a virtual world without a compelling storyline and gameplay. You must be able to attract and engage your users.

As with any other business, competent staff, management and leadership are needed to create and run a successful company. This is as true for Planet Partners as it is everywhere else. Core competencies includes graphic design teams, game design competency, public relations and mores. You will also need the financial security and stability to sustain the company before release, while you create your unique virtual world in the Entropia Universe.

Although it may be tempting to believe that you will succeed in bringing the entire pre-existing population of the Entropia Universe to your planet that is not the goal, nor will it happen. Although there is a big advantage to creating your virtual world inside an already thriving universe your ultimate success will depend completely upon your ability to bring new players to your offering. You must have a strong marketing plan with a substantial budget to cover a successful, long term marketing plan.

Once you have made it to launch you will need a competent "live team" to run the day to day Planet operations including ongoing storyline, content upgrades, game play, community management, and ongoing marketing.

Just like any other venture anywhere else, the success of your virtual planet in the Entropia Universe requires that YOU have these things in place and competently running. Without these minimum steps in place your virtual empire may not succeed. So, be sure you have these pieces solidly in place and you’ll be on the right road to success.

If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Planet Partner, please contact us here.

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