Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Planet Cyrene is Alive and Advertising

Hello everyone,

I did want to talk a bit about the current and future marketing of Planet Cyrene. In the past during the soft launch we already reached out to a couple different game review sites:

FPS General


Games Radar

These reviews while not overwhelmingly positive did give us some traction with new players coming and seeing what we have to offer. That being said it also showed some of our short comings and bugs that have come different VUs.

As of this VU we have already started to market domestically here in Thailand running TV commercials and have been getting some traction from them.

This current VU that is coming out is precursor to our Hard Launch, and that means we'll be showing off new areas and where / what changes can happen based off player progression as well as working with MindArk to ramp up our marketing for Planet Cyrene.

Our expected roll out for Hard Launch will be Q4 of 2014 where we'll be preparing the following:

- Factions (starting with A.R.C. faction story missions and rewards)
- PvP Mech Battles
- Shops and Apartments
- A marketing plan that will be co-developed with MindArk's experienced marketing manager.

I hope this clears up out marketing and future plans for Planet Cyrene until the year's end.


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