Wednesday, October 15, 2014



New Item Upgrade Mission
We have introduced a new series of item upgrade missions available from “The Shroom Fiend” located in Minopolis. In exchange for certain items he can upgrade your EMT kit Ek-2350 and EMT kit Ek-2600 in three stages to Adjusted, Improved and Modified versions!

New Hunting Challenges
Bronze Challenge: Marcimex Stage I
Bronze Challenge: Mind Reaver Stage I
Iron Challenge: Kerberos Stage I-V
Iron Challenge: Mulmun Stage I-V
Iron Challenge: Muluk-Hir Stage I-V
Iron Challenge: Mulaak'f Stage I-V
Iron Challenge: Hogglo Stage I-V

All Iron Challenge missions can be accessed from mission terminals in various locations throughout Calypso.

Blueprints for Robot Beacons can now found while crafting Tools.

Added Bristlehog Puny spawns to the following locations:
  • Minopolis
  • Nymphtown
  • Ashi
  • Osere
  • Camp Icarus
  • Port Atlantis
  • Cape Corinth
  • Fort Ithaca

Bug Fixes
  • Issues with Faucervix animations have been fixed.
  • Creature hint locations in “The Daily Hunter Category 1- Daikiba mission.
  • Many incorrect skill requirements for CDF weapons have been corrected.
  • Issues with "Jezebel's Hunt Challenge" have been fixed.
  • Fixed hovering water level at Fort Isis.
  • Fixed an issue that causes Stable fences to become invisible when playing with low or safe mode enabled.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes causes an avatar to get stuck in walls when using the televator at Fort Victoria.
  • It is now possible to sell Fireworks on the auction.
  • An issue with text strings in beacon instances has been corrected.
  • Fixed some issues with Pilot Goggles looking strange when equipped.
  • The hitbox on Thorifoid Shaman, Cersumon and Tantillion has been scaled up.
  • Changed ranged/melee attacks back to old settings on all robots.

Creature Visual Updates:
  • Thorio Male
  • Thorio Female
  • Muluk-Hir
  • Mulaak'f
  • Mulmun
  • Caudatergus
  • Longtooth

Misc Updates/Fixes
Many Calypso teleporters have been optimized.
Lots of newly produced sounds have been added and older sounds updated, with a focus on the newcomer areas. The overall sound balance has been addressed as well.

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